Psychology of personality. Envy is a flawed personality.


personality Psychology. Envy is a handicap person.

Indeed, how many talented people sit in the shade, and their ideas are more tenacious, enterprising, arrogant and envious. From the height of his experience, I realized one major truth, jealous means you're not a gray person, from which you can sculpt anything you want. I envy those who are talented and interesting. And those who do, try to "drop" to their level, and if possible even lower. How many have seen and heard stories, when "peck" an extraordinary person, a man first lowered his hands, then fell into depression, drinking, or worse have ended his earthly existence by suicide. Therefore, perceived this situation not as a stalemate, and Vice versa. Change attitude, i.e. so I'm interesting to all, someone can't reach my level, and it is easier to "delete" and sling mud than to work hard and rise above themselves. But more importantly clearly feel that "kick" better.

Try not to be sad, and sincerely rejoice, and of their evil energy, subliminate You want in life. Know, what or whom is concentrated the attention of the person, where his psychic energy. Thinking about someone You give a piece of your soul. And the negative media message is easy to destroy and leave only the positive. So gather the attention of the other and transform his own benefit and health. Let Your enemies "saliva and bubbles come from the nose allowed" at that time , as You thrive on them "yeast". See, because poor, degraded, miserable people, no one is jealous. But if Your words, ideas, thoughts hurt someone to the core and stirred up the "stinking swamp," so YOU're the Best. You will try "bite", "bite", shake off the debris and proud of himself then go to the star. Enemies would be found in his insults and the stronger they are, the more bonuses. In the end, if the envious person could not break and You not a fool, he will think about his moral behavior. Keep your head up Best. When a person goes into society, on stage or even in the Internet, he needs to understand that attacks can not be avoided, and more of them, because You are more worthy and interesting.

Evaluate yourself and do not let to do it incompetent and narrow-minded people that are near You punch your way to glory. Learn to fight back, says our President, asymmetrical. "Otsimine" the situation and from the height of his greatness let's see what happens, roughly, as the elephant "curve" looked at pug, and that appeared enuresis, what silent comrade Krylov in his fables. From this You will add a lot of strength and confidence.

I note that jealousy is killing weak and strong stimulates to action and development.

an Example of life. Many years ago my father-the officer has served as a counselor in Egypt, when there was a war. Having arrived from a business trip to Russia in native military town, my mother and I walked around in expensive foreign outfits, one neighbor saw us, she fainted. Then he repented and said that to such a state brought her envy. So, what is this icky feeling, not safe, it corrodes from the inside. But the talent and the good must be with fists!

it is important to understand that negative emotions are the cause of many diseases such as neurosis, depression, self-destructive, including diseases of the cardiovascular system, and the feeling of envy in this leader. That's why the envy in Christianity it is considered a terrible sin.

good Luck. Your O. S.

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