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Tired, just tired of stepping on the same rake. I'm not going to embark on this journey! How can you try to build a relationship with her, it would seem, "half", and again nothing happens. She, again like all women, and he, again, all men. Why doesn't he feel like me? Why does she have women's logic, which actually defies all logic and what to do about it? How to understand it? And how to understand it?

But time passes and we with perseverance, again and again, looking for understanding, warmth, trust, respect, acceptance and love, despite all their "rake" and wounds. Why? What drives us?

We do not know the nature men and women and because of this there are many misunderstandings. We think that the man is the same as women in that he sees, hears and feels everything happening around, as well as we do. Just had a slightly different physiology. A man just thinks about women. It is not clear what they want, why not speak clearly and simply about their desires, why we crush in tears and claims.

So, what pushes us towards each other? What makes again and again to look for a relationship?

we All know that we are going through in this world school, where we study one subject – Love. We learn of Love in all its manifestations. Love is a decision. We can change something only after you accept the circumstances, the relationships, my appearance, that wealth which is given to us now. For this there is a little psychological trick. You just need to tell myself that I'm satisfied or happy with what I have now, but I want a little more.

As we all know, life is a mirror. We will return again and again to this statement. And if you accept, what you have now, you have a comfortable state of mind. You broadcast to the world, and the world "mirror," it's a comfortable state, that is, creates a situation, which again allow you to experience these same emotions.

"the Fact that you feel perfectly captures what awaits you".

nothing else, so it is in our interests to be always in a good mood. And no you is a good mood is not obliged to give or create, you have to learn to do it yourself. In any situation you need to find something good, even if, at first glance, it's just not in it. In any case, you got the experience. And this is a plus!

All of the above is true for relationships. Any! But today we talk about the relations between men and women. Let's deal. The child was born, grew up, went to kindergarten, then to school, then to major, and then what? And then we get married, create a family and have kids. As a rule, it is not smooth, and therefore I say that the family is a great work, in all aspects. Why is it so difficult? They say that God likes us and often sends gifts, but each gift wrapped in a problem. We need them, these difficulties, it is very necessary, because it all the stages of human development!

Relationship is the next stage of development.

We are developing continuously, whether we like it or not, and to complete the development in this class, in this three-dimensional world and go farther, to become a harmonious personality. Exactly what does that mean?

we each Have masculine and feminine. You were born a man, because you have a dominant masculine, but there are women. Conversely, you are a woman, because you have a dominant female, that is, each has masculine and feminine qualities of his character, but they manifested in different ways.

Male and female should be balanced, harmonized, and how does it track? What I have in there is not visible, while the mirror will not work. And who do we have a mirror? Your partner relations. If your man does something that you don't like it, it's a mirror image of your internal conflict between the inner man and inner woman. First and foremost, you need to deal with themselves, and then claim the man. All this concerns as well, and the male half of humanity.

Often in life we are faced with the fact that a woman at odds with her husband because he cheated on her. Getting married for the second and third times, but history repeats itself. Finally, there were faithful and monogamous, but after a while, and changed it. Why? Because she's the host of the program "all men cheat". Women do not speak about it out loud, but she has such life experience, other experience, and she's afraid of betrayal. And when you're channeling fear, you create a situation where the fear is confirmed. Your spouse shows you, look what you have! Deal with it! And we are offended, we cry, not knowing what was happening. The problem is half solved when we begin to realize it. The rest is a trick.

Or another example. Couple. He is a shirt guy, cheerful, soul of the company, a General favorite, and handsome, and it's all homemade, unsociable. Her interests are limited to family, children. Such two different people do together? And here is the training. She teaches us to take responsibility for the family, and he teaches her to be more open. When this is recognized, the ground for conflict.

I Must say that in a relationship always leads the woman. Who does the weather at home? It's no wonder they say that woman! The relationship is the feelings. Field of activity men's society, the physical world, so he is physically strong. While the activities of women - feelings, emotions. The psyche of the women at six to nine times stronger than men and it is necessary to consider us young ladies.

Today we dealt with the question of why we need relationships. We all aspire to happiness, and true happiness in a relationship, because we all want to be loved and cherished. The need for love in humans is in the first place. We really need to be loved and understood at least one person, and, if there is no love, we will be looking for all your life!

Happiness to You and a happy relationship!

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