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We dealt with the question of why we need relationships and why we seek happiness.

We talked about what each of us has masculine and feminine. A happy relationship men and women is a balance of male and female. We are attracted to people, which like a mirror reflects our opposite beginning. Like attracts like.

Man you don't like, but it is an accurate mirroring of your masculinity, which has such unpleasant quality. She's generous, he's greedy. This means that the masculine is the quality of greed. He is open-minded, and she's a schemer. This means that its female is of the same nature.

We are not aware of these two beginning their relationship, and what happens between them can be seen by looking in the mirror with your man or your woman. Today we look at differences in the nature of men and women talk about, which leads to conflicts and misunderstandings, examine disputed points.

1. The nature of men. the strong Man physically. His ego six times more ego than women and hence the peculiarities of his psyche. It is very important for independence in everything. He values only what he has created, learned, studied, and understood himself what he has achieved. It's the law, and it must be considered in order not to destroy the relationship. The woman on the contrary, is proud that she gave, and gave.

the Man who tells everyone that his career has taken a woman, hardly anyone will respect. This is even indecent to say. This fact is usually silenced. The woman is proud that it has done for her husband, the man.

If he bought her an expensive gift, made repairs in the house, were brought to rest – the woman is proud, she happily talks about it. But if she earned and bought him a car. This is usually do not advertise.

I had a meeting with a young woman from Sochi. Clever, beautiful to your eyes, and in his personal life a complete failure. She complained that men leave her. All she does for them, and I quote: "Clean, washed clean, dressed, put on shoes, on their feet, it's in his hands to give, and he leaves. Even without explanation!"

But it is precisely the peculiarities of the men psyche. He values only what he has achieved. His soul needs development, and the man develops through activity, through the society, through the creation of wealth, which he brings to a woman. And the more he gives her, the more he opens up opportunities to create even more, and it is his development. And we, his "put, put" do not give him that opportunity. He feels discomfort and, as you can, solves this problem myself. Most of all – he leaves.

Imagine that your man is going hunting! Of course in the company of men. They go into the woods, dragging a huge load, running through forests and valleys,

sitting in ambush. Mosquitoes bite them, they are overgrown with bristles, sometimes drunk as hell. Them rain, or sucked into a swamp in General, all the delights of male-free life!

And so, they get a moose! Imagine how much joy! And he brings that moose you! He throws it to your feet! He's waiting for the rapture! He feels like a man who can do everything! Behind him wings!

But instead of all that, you tell him: "Lie down, lie down dear, on the couch! I'll do it myself. Herself in the woods running, she'll get a moose! And you have a nice NAP". And ran. Bagged me an elk, brought home, his feet left! He looked at it.... Got up and left without explanation, as if to leave no strength, often goes to drink bitter, because mine mammoth is a male's job.

what do you think of the range of feelings experienced by the man in such moments? That's right, he feels nothing. He goes looking for the woman who will allow him to feel like a man, and not just a man, special and unique for her.

2. a Man badly transfers the petition does not help. we, the women a sign of love and respect is when we listen to each other, and give advice. For us this is normal. This is a manifestation of love and participation. We feel that we love and care about us.

For men, not petition the Board is the invasion of his territory. He appreciates his competence, sense of self-sufficiency. Man perceives the Council as a rebuke of incompetence. Giving advice, the woman deprives him of self-confidence, cuts the ground from under his feet, puts him in the position of the child.

the Strong man is put a woman on the place, and the weaker ones will swallow hurt, be silent, and then lie on the couch or go to that which will give him feel that he is a man. And we don't know what's going on. I for him, and he is!!!! That is, you took all the male position. He, as man, is not necessary. After all, we all can do!

In this regard, I remember a story. One young family settled in his apartment. I bought a cornice for the window. The design of its fasteners were not complicated, but not for men. Long and intently he stared at the drawing. She waited patiently for solve this "difficult problem", from time to time looking him over the shoulder.

Finally, came the moment of truth, and she said, with gentle pressure: "Here, here, here and here! All elementary!" It was a countdown point in the relationship! From this moment on, at every opportunity, with aggression, he said, "What? Smarter than me?!" She added fuel to the fire: "Who do you blame?"

We women, it is trying to prove that we are stronger, smarter, more adapted to life, always know how that we are never to blame. That is, struggling "to climb the man on the head," and when "get" then cease to respect him and without respect there is no love. All full circle!

for Example: he and she go in the car.

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wish You luck, and Love!

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