Which approach to choose?

what coaching out of psychology no doubt. The concept of coaching was introduced Timothy Gallwey.

Twenty years ago  he wrote the book "the Inner game of tennis’, and then a book  “Inner game of Golf”. A coach is a coach. However, Timothy has decided to revise the standard approach to coach training the players, and noticed that winning in sports is determined more by the internal state of the athlete. Mental (psychological) condition of the athlete is very important and can be a determining factor in victory or defeat.

He wrote: “the Opponent in their own mind far worse than that is next to the Golf course”. Therefore, in his opinion, the task of the coach (a coach) to help remove the player from internal insecurity, to reveal the inner potential, to identify internal capacity. When such assistance is no longer required increase in  the technical load.

His look is liked many and got massive response. It became apparent that his technique can be applied in any sphere of man. 

the Main difference from coaching a psychological approach is that the coach does not consider past customer in his work he starts from the present.

Working with the client, the coach knows. every man by nature possesses the necessary potential, he has all the capabilities and resources; everyone makes the choice that is most suitable for him in the moment, aware that the responsibility for the choice lies on him; that at the moment he's fine (if it was bad, it would have long ago started to change it).

Methods of coaching varied. It all depends on applications: business inquiries or personal requests. 

In personal queries can be used as a purely coaching techniques. and  NLP, transactional analysis, transformational techniques, work with beliefs, metaphorical maps, and many others.

If you do not want the technician asked you to drip in your past, and want to build on what you have now, you coaching! 

If you know that problem  in the present because of the past, then you psychology.

But it's always possible a combination of methods. Because we are all people, and often it turns out that in solving one problem, catch, and still others. Very often it happens that the client communicates with the business request, but the course identifies personal problems that just prevented from moving in the business. Starting to work on that and goes into the memories coming to the surface childhood fears, resentment. In such a situation, you start a comprehensive work. 

Therefore it is very important to listen to yourself. Not to rush things, waiting on one meeting with a specialist 100% of the results. Everything revealed gradually, so the job is long. 

sincerely, Natalia Trukhina, 

coach, psychologist

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