Psychology or Magic?


once I heard about a Jungian analysis and its comparison with magic – it's ✨"fabulous"✨ psychology. There is no magic, of course, it does not. But for a person first began to know himself, in some moments it can be seen.

💫is not a magic mechanism that can transform the feeling/emotion of a person in a bodily symptom?🤒🤕🤢

⠀⠀⠀📍And in this way are often formed psychosomatic problems – when the level of feelings, emotions a person is not aware 🔐or unable to cope with his condition😤, then is forced to react body. The law of conservation of energy works in the psychic field 🔄. The body occupies an important place in the analysis, if we consider bodily symptoms as messages from the unconscious.

💫What is this if not a miracle, when you begin to understand what may be lurking behind incorrect actions and words?

⠀⠀⠀📍One of the most popular discoveries of Sigmund Freud is that almost every clause or the incorrect action is hidden unconscious motive🔎. Can not fail to surprise and delight the ability of our Unconscious to symbolise our desires or emotions.

💫What mystery fraught with our dreams?

⠀⠀⠀📍whether there are prophetic dreams? Talking about recurring dreams? Dreams-nightmares☄☠ – this is just a fantasy, or they have a deeper meaning? When you begin to comprehend the meanings of dreams, have mixed feelings: *insight from the understanding of meaning, *relief – when a thrilling story takes on a value, *thesurprise from what magically in the dream clearly and can hold the remains of the day, and particularly any relationship, intrapersonal conflicts and collective motives.

💫Incredibly also, how exactly 🎬 human life scenario can reproduce the story of one or another tale or myth.

⠀⠀⠀📍But here also there is no magic... Tales and myths represent the display of mental processes of collective unconscious. In fairy tales we meet the archetypes in the most pure and concentrated form💧. Analyzing the tale, we can come to understanding the basic patterns of the psyche. And recognizing patterns, have the opportunity to influence them.

Initially all of this may frighten or cause distrust, the desire to argue with that. At some point the process of analysis can capture that you feel like you touched some Secret. Next, you can get tired of endless "digging" - it may seem that you're trying to find a trick where it simply does not.

Subsequently, finding relationships and meanings💡 – becomes a normal way of thinking, analytical.

And how it does not look like magic or psychic unit, to think differently it will be impossible...

Alena Vasilyeva
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