❓Where to get energy
❓Where depression and bipolar disorder.
❓Why there is no stability.
❓And how to change it all

Today we will talk about the 3 modes and their impact on our state.

the mode is the basic structure with which we are born and who we have in a specific ratio, as firmware or basic "proshivka":


When sattva is at the height, our mind calm and stable we are in a state of awareness, rooted in a blissful state of mind.

it is important that rajas and Tamas were in the balance.

Rajas gives us strength, energy and drive. Thanks to him, we are active, efficient and effective.

However, if rajas is elevated, then we are in stress, neurosis, increased irritability, aggressiveness and pressure, lack of stability and rootedness.

the Extreme degree of increase of rajas - bipolar disorder😖🤯.

Tamas is the opposite of rajas.
Thanks to Tamas, we rest, relax, recover from stress.

With a shortage of Tamas we are constantly as if on edge, suffering the ability to restore and relaxation, you can not escape from stress.

However, if Tamas is increased, it leads to laziness, sleepiness, apathy.

the extent of the increase of Tamas - depression😭.

it is Therefore important that sattva has always been on top, and rajas and Tamas in balance.

to Balance the modes you can use:

👉 Meditation, pranayama.

the Emotions we get from different spheres of life - film, art, relationships, activities, leisure, memories, and much more - all this gives us emotion.

Today a little bit about how you can adjust the balance of these modes of using power.

to increase sattva, which is always desirable at the height (sattva is never too much☝️) should be consumed a large amount of sour fruit, milk, moderately warm food and a little bit of everything.

Remember how he lit the fire?

If it is regularly toss a small amount of firewood, he erupted.
However, if flop to a tree🌲, the fire goes out.

the same happens with our body:
Varied and balanced diet helps to maintain sattva.
But if you swallow whole "tree" - all down the drain 😳.

If not enough energy - increases rajas:
Eggs, chicken, small mobile fish, spices, small amount of alcohol.

it is Difficult to resist in order not to quote the subtitles:
"Alcohol in small doses is harmless in any quantity!" ©

⚠️However, keep in mind:
a Little over the top, and the action is just the opposite of Tamas is added, and the dream🧖

Question: if not enough energy, and practice I don't like, is it possible to replace meditation?

Response (again, almost rebuffed): you can, if you are not interested in the result. Replace meditation, alcohol is still something to go from Moscow to India on a Bicycle🚴 instead get on a plane✈️. Someday you probably drive...
If you're lucky...
But the plane is definitely faster, more efficient and more reliable.

the Alcohol will really give you energy for a short time, but the possible setbacks and side effects.

If on the contrary, feel increased irritability, anger, anxiety, anxiety, high blood pressure, it is impossible to rest, to recover and to escape from stress, added Tamas:
Warm the milk, meat leisurely fish and animals (beef, pork, if you eat).

❗ it is Useful to know that Russia is a country of Tamas. We have relatively little sun and sattva food, lack of energy, frequent depression.

Balancing the ratio of the modes only with power supplied is not always possible, so we come back to the use of practices that will help to increase sattva and regulate Tamas and rajas - meditation, pranayama, yoga🧘.

About pranayama I wrote a little here: . I will write more.

Stay tuned!

© Julia Orlova

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