Psychotherapy injuries. The technique of EMDR.

the Loss of loved ones, painful breaks with loved ones, scenes of violence and cruelty, an emergency – unfortunately, no one is safe from collision with such traumatic events. With some experiences in our lives we cope, and they remain in our memory as a sad experience, and some memories come back again and again - sudden anxiety, unexplained fears, depression, nightmares, pain in the body, failures in the personal sphere or at work. It is not always possible to understand what caused a particular problem, sometimes we only see the symptom and start to think that we alone build our lives, and are subject to the requirements of this symptom, limit themselves for fear of reliving old wound, built up walls of exclusion, masks, trying to save face in front of the eyes of others. We spend extra effort to follow the usual, but inefficient strategies in all situations of their novelty some anxiety. Old, but not lived properly pain comes to us over and over again, taking all the new faces. Even when faced with distant reminders of pain in his later life, we get a chance to deal with them, to learn to act differently, in new ways, forgetting the old now useless schemes, to finally get beyond the vicious circle. But not always have the courage, patience, faith, strength or endurance to find this out. br>
Helps in such circumstances simple and extremely effective method called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR, in Russia known as EMDR - desensitization and processing by eye movements). Its principle of operation is based on the natural mechanism of information processing - at the physiological level, so the task of the client to trust this natural process, taking place in his subconscious, and the therapist, helping to maintain the necessary focus and support the client at every stage of their interaction.
EMDR is a unique technique of short-term therapy, opened in 1987, Francine Shapiro. Surprisingly, Francine was not a psychologist, in those years, she wrote a thesis on English literature, but a terrible disease changed her life. Many patients believe the cancer verdict. But the woman did not give up, although the doctors gave her the most pessimistic forecasts, and independently began the search for the way of their salvation. Like many great things, the technique was open to her randomly one day, walking in the Park, Shapiro noticed that if you focus on his feelings, at the same time moving the eyes from side to side, as occurs during REM sleep, emotional intensity first increases, but eventually disappearing, letting you take your experiences. To allow them to be part of his past, but not to influence the present. Francine told her about his interesting find friends, then began to look for the most effective approach, entering in the psychological community. With years of honed technique, becoming more efficient and finding the prospects use when working with a variety of problems. br>
the Wide use of this technique received psychotherapy post-traumatic disorders and were used in the U.S. for the treatment of veterans of military actions in Vietnam. Then it spread among the physicians as one of the fastest and most effective reprocessing of traumatic events, covering a wide range of queries, from simple anxiety and uncomfortable memories to the deep traumas, addictions and phobias.
This technique affordable and easy to use, requires no additional equipment or specific environment. Elements trained the staff of special forces military that allows them to quickly and effectively deal with the regular stresses of work. In the course of therapy appropriate to the client has mastered this technique and carried out independent exercises in between sessions, consolidating the result of the therapy, as well as getting a simple and effective skill to overcome difficult episodes in the future. This is a great tool for self-help, which you can then use outside of therapy. br>
it is believed that to study a single, not duplicate, a traumatic event requires no more than three sessions of EMDR, each of which lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. Even in a single session. In other situations, when the root of the problem lies in childhood memories or there are other aggravating circumstances therapy usually requires 6 to 12 sessions of EMDR. It should be remembered that each individual request, and the client is able to move in your inner work, only with his speed ready to make a move. There cannot exist a strict schema and deadlines.Work usually is quick, because the principle is based on the natural mechanism of information processing, however, it is important to remember that the old feelings for a long time adjust the life of the client in therapy, the psychologist focuses not only on deep familiarity with the client's identity, but the subsequent search for resources to aid in adaptation. When destroyed by the defective stones in the Foundation of the psyche, a conscientious therapist will help the client to conduct a "reconstruction", focusing on its new look, new needs and desires. This reassessment of themselves and their place in the world and is the end result of their collaboration. br>
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