Psychotherapy VS counseling: what's the difference?


There are many definitions of the term "psychotherapy", and not always the ordinary person understand what this treatment differs from psychological counseling. Do I need the assistance of a therapist or is this only required for people with mental disorders? There will be enough advice, or the consultant is dropouts therapist?

In fact, both kinds of assistance can be useful to you in any given situation, you just have to distinguish what is what.

so, I propose you a few differences between psychotherapy from psychological counseling.

  1. Different goals. The aim of psychotherapy is change, which lead to the elimination of both mental and somatic disorders, as well as a person's understanding of what caused these disorders and maladaptive human behavior. The goal of counseling is to help people to get rid of the actual problems, and in business there is no purpose to teach people how to cope with problems, the goal is to help him get rid of that right now.
  2. Psychological counselling can bring significant relief, but it leaves the person as he was, that is, the underlying changes are not happening. Sometimes consultation can take the form of advice or training from the psychologist, in General terms, the consultation is to find ways to make yourself happy. But it is not intended long-term effect that is not committed to ensuring that people in later life functioned without the disorders (i.e. psychological counseling relieves symptom, whereas psychotherapy works with the cause of a symptom).
  3. Significant difference in terms of the relationship between client and professional. In the office of the therapist are formed very deep and specific relationships that are essential to the effectiveness of therapy ("working Alliance"). Roughly speaking, the person repeats their patterns during the therapy on the therapist and in terms of adoption and mesocenozoic he can understand them and adjust to eventually transfer them into their everyday life, making it more efficient and happy. Such relationships are formed due to the special skills of the therapist and also the fact that...
  4. Psychotherapy in contrast, counselling is a long process that takes no less than 10-20 sessions (short term therapy), and more - the period of one year or more (depth psychotherapy)
  5. In the therapy, the client is required the desire and ability to work, just come and get the recipes and instructions will not work. And that's the power of psychotherapy - as in the famous saying - do not feed the man fish, but teach him to catch it yourself.

note that psychotherapy need not all and not always, sometimes enough psychological counseling. Therefore, in the first session, the specialist evaluates the condition of man and offers him one or the other option, based on its needs and features.

Katerina Krasnogorsk
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