Pursuing life and creating life


I Want to write about you, with whom to communicate, and to myself. About what unites us.

People are very receptive to details, sense of the world by some unnamed authority or device that is almost always exposed and requires support.

Wishing to connect with others and, at the same time, to be alone. Wish to explain, but looking for secrets in every phenomenon, which it is interesting to explore.

These people are looking for a contact and can not stand the conventions on which social intercourse. It's very important to feel I am and sometimes they break down and do stupid things, because can not stand too rational life. Because they feel their separateness. And...

Secretly, they want to be understood, looking for the same as them. They really difficult to accept the fact that not all people share their needs and their way of interacting with the human world and the world of art.

Any answer for them is low, small, narrow. They are not looking for answers, but just seek by following the impulse of the Explorer and Creator within themselves.

the Fact that others will call only sadness and suffering for them is life itself, which never ceases to surprise and excite. What others explain, they live with all strength, viraga it his way.

They come in contact with other passionate and eager to see each other in the same bold and striving forward man, a lover, a friend, a co-author.

Every day is like a struggle for the right to their sensitivity against conventionality and universality. They want to feel normal, but their susceptibility tells them that with them "something not so".

These people really care how they feel, they try to match their values every day. They want praise only in the case when achievement is associated with self-expression and not just with acceptance of the approval of the majority.

I have described them, yourself, myself. For what? Why? Probably to let you know that we have known each other and you know each other, somewhere, near or far, we communicate, interact, and move.

Secret — let it be an introductory word — I'm smiling all of you.

Before meeting somewhere in the cities.

Anna Mstislavskaya
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