Qualities of effective online consultant


Qualities of effective online consultant

At present in our country and abroad, are developing remote psychological aid - Internet-business.

This is due to the fact that people in need of services for mental health, more than enough.

Note, the most popular topics that people seek help - remotely (Internet consultation, online consultation)

  • relationships (family, partner, between adult children and parents);
  • different kinds of depression, lack of enjoyment of life, failure;
  • anxiety, anxiety, fears, phobias, panic attacks
  • sexual problems;
  • eating disorders;
  • experience of bereavement, grief, trauma,
  • stress, post-traumatic stress;
  • crises (job loss, divorce, illness)
  • somatic illnesses

the themes :

  • personal growth
  • career development
  • - understanding
  • self-realization

Also get good recommendations, and professional psychological help - remotely , people with autism, social phobias, agoraphobia avoiding of communication of the individual.

People living in remote areas, who are housebound because of illness and inability to move.

Thus, we see different problems in people, especially the lives of seeking help online.

There are various ways of consultation of the specialist on the Internet.

(Skype, Chad, correspondence, audio, videomania, etc.).

the Effectiveness of online counseling depends on the personal and professional qualities.

In this article we will discuss the personal qualities of a specialist , providing psychological counselling on the Internet.

Specialist, providing psychological and psychotherapeutic help online, in my opinion , must have certain personal qualities.

as between face - to-face counseling - "tet - a - tet" and advising remotely - have their differences.

Consider the personal qualities of the psychologist providing services for mental health - destinazione.

  1. Flexibility in behavior. The format of such counselling involves pregnancybest customer behavior and psychology. There is no rigorous format of tying contact the psychologist responds and adapts to the type of contact , which suggested to him by the client .

of Course, within certain limits of counseling. In this regard, a very important criterion is a relaxation of the psychologist.

  • Relaxed. In this state it is easier to establish contact and maintain it, responding to the needs of the client to contact and build psychological Alliance to work together
  • Empathy , sympathy . The ability to respond to the emotional state of the client , to reflect his feelings utter them. Thus , providing support, understanding, and acceptance to the client .

4.Care, warmth, kindness.

  • Tact . The ability to choose words so as not to appear to the client "hostile" and "punishing", but rather to be supportive, understanding, but not to act as a parent. For remote assistance , for example - in correspondence, such factors as tact is very important.
  • Agility and mobility . Not to waste time, to be organized, to respond immediately to customer letter in Chad or in correspondence ( according to a pre-agreed schedule, stick to it). Thus , supporting a customer, building trust .
  • Interest to the client . Sincere , real. In my opinion, this is one of the main qualities. Facilitating contact, consultation and performance .

Therefore, an Internet business is a good opportunity to broaden their professional skills, to reach a wider audience, to help people who can not, afraid, to come for a consultation to a specialist.

Therefore, it is very important to be effective online consultant, develop , strengthen both their personal qualities and professional.

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