Smoking is one of the largest businesses on the planet, and why it is so difficult to escape from his grasping hands.

Georgi Alexandrov

One-seventh of the planet's smokes, and this number is increasing every day. Each. Despite all sorts of lovely promotional advertising, shows and events.

Want to see the numbers more clearly? And learn about the number of smokers in Russia? Here's picture.

Yes, dependence on tobacco a long time can be called an epidemic. And, judging by the fact that the figures are not falling, and the increase – this terrible epidemic of the AIDS epidemic, which is so feared by many doctors on the planet.

sale of cigarettes in the world is a very well thought out and extensive global business. Inside it, big money, so even the who (world health organization) often works for this business. what I'm getting at?

To ensure that those various "works perfectly" techniques in "throwing" Smoking is business on implementation of the tobacco. Some sell cigarettes, other techniques – and all is well, except the smokers, who spend money on tobacco, which is more expensive and more expensive, and techniques that help units.

Say: "to smokers so be it, they have chosen to smoke, let them pay for the damage to the body and the surrounding". do something yourself, but nobody canceled the fact that the relationship is not mental health in its full extent. how about this example? Indeed there were cases, when people started Smoking, just to check whether some effective method. And throw they did. (Maybe it seems stupid, but because people sincerely believed in the efficacy).

that's what I write here.

Each of us has to quit HIMSELF. Without any methods. Without buying obscure books. I also like to throw together with a psychologist who is a specialist in addictions. Everyone needs an individual approach, each will throw up different and no book can account for all the nuances, all the options. Specialist - can.

- based mass is always doubt among professional psychologists. And me, too.

I was a smoker for 9 years. Don't brag about it and clearly thought about how to quit. Threw a few times – and then some crisis circumstances have things back to normal – however, as the average person. I'm an ordinary person, isn't it?))

Two years ago I decided to experiment and throw using all known methods of Allen Carr's "Easy way to stop Smoking". you Know, I am quite responsible and will power I have a very powerful where I need it. I lasted about THREE months. EXACTLY three months later, I smoked a cigarette. The only thing that began to smoke less. The last two years I smoke 3-4 cigarettes a day (instead of 7-8 before) and sometimes don't smoke for a few days and don't even think about it.

of Course, I decided as a psychologist to analyze the method.

Here are some examples of analysis.

Allen Carr says: "Smokers are not relaxed, they even forgot the feeling to be completely relaxed."

a Very questionable conclusion, and not quite to the point. Because not all people smoke for relaxation, for example I smoke because I like Smoking. And I'll smoke or not – depends on my slackness.

But then Allen Carr argues: "Some stalwarts of Smoking their whole lives, burying his head in the sand, trying to convince themselves and others that they like it".

can You imagine, we deceive ourselves! I'm not really sure why. After all, this I would say spray the deception we have spent an incredible amount of resources every day. We would have all been with you in the depression. But not every smoker is prone to it. Not everyone.

And the last thing is trying to bring Carr in almost every Chapter of the book: "the Greatest illusion is to think that smokers get pleasure from Smoking."

Dear smokers, do you agree? I am totally not. I think if we don't enjoy, it would be much easier to quit Smoking. Smoking is really a very specific and somewhat unpleasant process, and without pleasure – he is unlikely to last our life long. The business of selling cigarettes successful precisely because it provides a person the pleasure that can be obtained in TWO minutes!

the Pleasure of Smoking is not only get those who are already suffering severely from its effects, but the strength to quit – no.

Friends and readers I invite You more trust himself in this matter, and less – so techniques. It is a success, if Yes, complete cheap generalizations and unsubstantiated claims helped to quit Smoking. But it is a huge DISAPPOINTMENT, if not helped. We begin to think that nothing will help. Will help, but only count on yourself.

Smoke less, go to the gym!

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