Quit Smoking - how and why?


Advertising convinces us that make it incredibly difficult to just stop Smoking.

Examples of many people - their suffering with sunflower seeds, Lollipop, eating - the same.

the doctor's Statements on the subject that there is a psychological and chemical addiction reinforces this belief.

Where, then, do those few, who for some reason have quit Smoking in one day, with years of experience, and they have never had a desire to have a cigarette?

What happens, how it happens, why do some easily, and others excruciatingly painful?

Quit Smoking really easily, without any sarcasm and irony, when inside a person formed a full-fledged desire, the need, the need. Not through force, because the wife said the doctor has forbidden, namely, when inside there was such a need to be cleansed. Just stop Smoking.

If it is a violent act, then it is worth considering whether it is necessary. From such improvement will be more harm than good.

each of us had or have a friend who quit and now does not live everyone else, forcing them to quit, too, zanudstva on the topic of how it is harmful, worrying, nervous, constantly struggling with the desire to take a cigarette and smoke.

this suffering harm will be more than good because of the constant struggle with me.

first, there is the constant emotional costs, and secondly - violent addiction will entail negative consequences.

Addiction is better or work out and then she'll go herself and painlessly, or replaced by another.

Smoking addiction is not the worst of what can happen to a person..

When exactly is to get rid of this tasteless habit - when You have lost the desire to undertake a cigarette. From the word at all.

I even know a few men who thus ceased to drink alcohol, just Rushotel. Alcoholics with the experience.

Cigarette is easy to go from your life when you begin to value yourself, to cherish, to respect and care for. Gradually grown a basic level of trust himself to himself and runs a program of self-preservation is a slow suicide.

Inna Boyko
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