have you ever dreamed in his youth to cheat the life: to do everything to bypass the routine of things, traditions, system? That's why this whole "thing" with common teas in the evenings, shared song-cracks-hooting and other nonsense? You do not have to "pink puddles of jam," you'll do it your way, grow within their own system of love, as did one girl. To survive, she needed... a ball of wool.

the little, Little, little flame, I want a little more. Both of them once they are not with me go out and play. In return they bought me a cat, I go for a walk with him. They got me by the throat and giving and give as gifts: cakes, toys, dresses. But I was a little, little, little. I don't need it, because the cakes and dresses with me don't play and not laugh. And the cat doesn't talk, tolerate me because I make his dinner in a bowl. And mom pours feed me.

And when I want to say something – I was told to keep quiet, "fool" words are not allowed. And the rabbit said nothing, because he was very well-mannered, although guests came in without an appointment, I ate all the supplies, and in addition the house was destroyed.

In the chest, I raised the warm ball of fur. Why? He loves me. And not to blurt out too much, my throat is a reliable tube, it "filters the Bazaar". All the "extra" drops to my stomach, there is already a dump.

children Often find their "life-saving" ways to cope with life: create imaginary friends all day listening to tales of the next gadget grown inside of the wings, propellers, tangles warm wool...

it would Seem, are grown inside objects (interacti – undigested chunks of events)"bad" and require destruction. However, all that exists in space, for something you need:

All for something you need:
ballroom dress - lace,
the brush - toothpaste
Well, to boot - blacking.

And for what illness
the Circle unbearably close?
To turn neck,
toward the Prometheus.

Tube in her throat helps "to show all their education" and to devalue their own words before they performed. For what does it do? To "all" to arrange, and to these all not managed to devalue the time to devalue before they do! This is the highest aim of tube? Or is the goal even higher?

the Goal is even higher – be aware that I devalue their own words. Is there a purpose? Is. To shift its focus from depreciation of his own words, the words themselves. And like "all" - well, how is that possible? Not really something I gold Ducat?

Well, a ball? At the ball of the task poglobalnee: to help the most don't love yourself, let it tangle like. This is the ultimate goal of the tangle? No, there is aim even higher: to realize that I do not love yourself. There is an even higher purpose? Is. Look to yourself – and maybe to indulge in a walk, and have some fun, jump, sing, do a few steps in the direction of love..

Bunyan Marika
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