Welcome, my dear. Today, as promised, going to do a decoding test “it is Open road to Your heart”.

I post two examples (made up myself, in the course of his life), and they will show You the patterns of the encounters and relationships with men. Based on my circuits, You can learn a lot about yourself and get answers to their questions.

As you can see in the first picture the client has literally surrounded himself with all the different – figures arranged in a circle around her. br>
is There free space on the figure for men? There, but very little – I drew a red line. How are the figures in the drawing, as happens in real life – the possibilities for the emergence of men very little.

will the man come in such a space? Will he be comfortable? The road here it is very close. He will have to literally break between travelling clients and her relationships with mom. The question is: will he want to be a competitor with her mother. The answer is obvious: it is unlikely. Because it's not his problem, it is easier to build a relationship with another woman where you don't have to sort things out with the mother and where there's space for it.

On this first picture there are a couple of narrow paths, but each of them will affect some important area of life women – relationship with his daughter, work, home, relationships with grandparents. And it is also a bad option to men.

the diagram drawn circles that were certain shapes. The closer the circle to the client, the more significance it has. It is interesting that close to him she won't let anybody – the circle around it is empty. Then a question: and whether it is ready to keep close to a man, i.e. to build trust with him deep relationships? Or maybe she needs a flirtation, or casual.

See how You are figures, is there a space for men what kind of relationship you wish for, and what happens in the analysis of Your circuit “My life”.

Now look at the second picture. br>
It is very different from the first. Here we see a very broad way for men (also shaded in red). The life space of the client has changed after the passage of psychotherapy: important areas of life is now arranged around it in another way, a free space where the client already included the potential man.

Compare what the picture more chance of having men in a woman's life? Where do an open road to her heart?

This “test” clearly shows the role of the woman to attract into your life worthy of man. Here you will need an internal restructuring, a change of attitude to all aspects of your life, the redistribution of important and less important, the conscious expansion of space his life for men. I don't know a better way to achieve this than psychotherapy.

Similarly, relations with a man “works” with any other important goal in life: new job, new hobby, the appearance of children, etc. You will also need to paint your life in the form of a diagram and see is there a chance the Universe/ Space / God to give You this opportunity (new job, new hobby, the appearance of children, etc.). Or is Your life too “jammed” with other things, and locations for new in it just yet?

If You have something unclear in your diagram, please send it to me in lichku, ask questions, discuss and find solutions together.

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Olga Fomina

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