Разница в возрасте

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Girls like responsible men, but it does not depend on age. A child can be in forty years.

If the man is younger than his women, he tries to be more Mature that is very captivating. In addition, young men have less experience with the opposite sex and more fancy. They are attuned to the lady of his heart, not following the stereotypes (General rules do not always work, because each person is different).

men often precocious, they are interested in many things. They always have something to talk about that for women is very important. Common interests cement relations.

Many people believe that this love has no future.

Often there are accusations of commercialism.

talk about inability to have children.

you Have to be very dedicated, otherwise you can start looking at your partner through the eyes of strangers (through the lens of critical thinking). To achieve recognition of the beloved, everybody has to confront, to confirm the sincerity of their intentions. Such actions like in today's world men rarely accomplish the feat for their women.

the Crucial point is the sincerity of feelings and the unpredictability of their occurrence.

If a man older than his lady, his actions during courtship it is easy to anticipate. Distrustful women who already have been burned in a relationship, immediately run away, dooming himself to solitude. A heart of ice can melt only bright feelings.

in addition, some people have trouble feeling their age. Their internal clock is a bit off. They always choose partners younger than themselves. Sometimes it turns into a pathology: the search for a new partner again and again.

Relationship with a big age difference are often "discovered" after they began. It only remains for them to accept. They start from friendship and lots of fun. If this is a completely unacceptable, avoid close contact with the opposite sex, to not have any close emotional attachment (she's at the age to watch). But even the strict "face control" may not always protect us from love.

If the feelings don't pass for a long time, it may be worthwhile to implement them properly, so you do not regret and do not suffer.

I Wish you joy in your life!

sincerely , your consultant Ponochevnaya Tatiana

Tatyana Borisovna
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