you probably Have your favorite type of men that you have always been given a chance to win your heart. But in the end all turned out not the way you wanted. In the end, you just went, or even worse - you've broken my heart. But you stubbornly continued to believe that this is the kind of man who can make you happy. Although in reality it was only those who could attract you.

And I'm sure in your life there were other men. the man who never kept you waiting so long answering your message.

the man, which always made you a "random" gifts, just to do something nice and see your smile. He was the one who could go with you on the first call. He was a good and loyal friend, nothing more. After all, you just didn't notice how loving gaze he always looks at you ... You were too blind to simply see what is actually good for you.

men are there just stop to take them only as friends" itemprop="image" src='/foto/uploaded/upl_1540293266_329598.jpg'>

to See who you used to be so easy and calm, with whom you are always so genuinely and laughed a lot, someone he trusted with all my secrets and with whom you're having a good time. You were restricted because of the need to settle for what exactly you wanted, not what would really be best for you. Are you struggling tried to deny it all, although he knew how ridiculous it looked.

Maybe you even knew I took the wrong decision, but still continued. So, in the end, you are through it and suffered. You cried because your heart was broken, and it's the saddest thing. You created the problem from which they themselves suffered, and you need to stop it immediately.

You simply can no longer afford to ignore the man you should be. Finally, open your eyes. Don't ignore the man who has long been close.

we All try to tell ourselves that we deserve only the best man. We think we want a man who would be there when needed. We make ourselves believe we haven't seen this, although he may have already been there, but we somehow decided to ignore it.

Give yourself a chance at happiness. Give a chance to this nice guy that you think is just your friend, become someone more for you. Do not worry due to the fact that he allegedly "not your type". At least try to start and you will see how happy you can be with that person.

Love and understanding!

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sincerely, your psychologist, Victoria Kirsta supervised over

Kirsta supervised over Victoria
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