Recognize a stress stress. Part 2.


Continue consideration of the question, started earlier. Part 1 of the article:

In the first part of the paper we examined what physiological manifestations may not be related to somatic illnesses, and to hide under that thing already sounding trite in our daily life stress tension. This time let's turn to the psychological symptoms of stress.

so, it is necessary to think about anti-stress therapy if:

1. You become more irritable in dealing with people, even with close and pleasant.

2. Life in General was somehow uninteresting.

3. It has become difficult to perform their normal daily activities.

4. You are constantly anxiously awaiting the failure of the objective to the premises.

5. Decisions become much more difficult.

6. You become afraid of getting sick.

7. Feel their inferiority.

8. You think that people people are one and all hostile to You.

9. People are You no longer interested.

10. It is very difficult to contain the anger that arises for any reason.

11. Lost sense of humor. You now it is not funny, not like before.

12. Can't finish the job.

13. You don't trust anybody anymore.

14. Concentration on important matters has become impossible.

15. Afraid of the future.

16. There was a fear of solitude, or an open opposite the closed space.

Another curious fact that many of us the concept of stress seems to be associated only with emotionally unpleasant events. However, this is absolutely not true! The literature describes studies that show us that the level of stress wedding, for example, is on the 6th place ranking. Such important life events as pregnancy and child birth is 10 th and 12-th lines, respectively. Dizzying personal success is also a quite stressful factor. And even such a seemingly simple to experience the event as a change and recreation (voluntary, mind you, but not compulsory) also found place in the list of the forty most common intense stressors.

Used books: Sidorov P. I., mosyagin I. G., Marounek S. V. Psychology of disasters: the Textbook for high schools / under the editorship of P. I. Sidorov. – Arkhangelsk: Publishing center of SSMU, 2007.

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