What is a toxic relationship? This is a relationship that you poison like you every day to eat poison, and this poison kills you in person, you dissolve in a partner, like sugar in hot tea, without a trace. But the worst thing is that, as a rule, you don't understand what's going on, don't you feel that this relationship really destroy you. For the sake of the flashes of happiness that happen or happened once in the past, you are willing to tolerate everything. You think that's a little bit more and be just luck. But you are more immersed in the quagmire of negativity, problems and quarrels.

And now let's analyze the points, the signs of a toxic relationship.

1. Partner – center of your universe

you Have no life, your whole life revolves around the partner, his interests are now your interests, you do only what he likes, just go to those places where it is good and spend time only with those whom he wants. Your lifestyle fully adapted to the partner, you are always there. You can't afford to go somewhere, if he's home, you should always be there. How are your friends, relatives and maybe even parents you remember with difficulty.

2. Everything for him

You do everything to meet the needs of your partner. You can say that you are a geisha the level of God. He wants a delicious dinner? You'll make it steeper chef. Eager massage? You pass professional courses and they themselves pay. He needs the money? Of course, you give them to him, even if you have to take out a Bank loan.

3. He has no respect

a Word of thanks to him is not particularly familiar, he basically expresses his gratitude and takes everything for granted. He's the God, and for you to worship him. Also, it can make fun of you, not only privately, but publicly. And you with a shy smile and answer that it is very good, just had this strange feeling and humor and of course he loves you with all my heart, but so deep that it even difficult to guess.

4. He can't hear you and doesn't want to hear.

When you are making timid attempts to say that you don't like something, he pretends he hears nothing or yells at you and States that blame for all the troubles you and only you.

5. You do not respect yourself

whatever you do and no matter how hard to please, he can't get enough, he always dissatisfied with something, and every time finds something, than you can blame. You already think that you are a pathetic creature, capable of nothing and should be thankful that he is near you.

6. Are you afraid to be alone

You would think that if he leaves, the world will collapse and no man not even look in your direction. And he knows about your fear, perhaps even it created in your head and in every conflict he tells you that this girl is not around, he's only a hero because you have the obligation to deify.

take Care of yourself)

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