Recruitment agencies


recruitment agencies are intermediaries in the labour market. Have a different profile and structure of the work: universal or highly specialized, international or regional, direct search or mass recruitment.

Some candidates have a low level of trust in recruitment agencies and eliminate them from the plan of job search, assuming their services are not relevant, commercial, and sometimes false. Currently, however, staffing agencies can provide decent jobs and have their benefits:
* a Detailed job description. The Agency experts taking application for jobs, predvaritelno conduct information gathering, clarification of the functions of the employer, conditions, requirements, perspectives, features, goals of the company/undertaking etc
* Database summary. Professional recruitment agencies are not scattered summary of valuable employees and if there is nothing now, then later they can offer You a new, decent job. 
* exchange of Information. Recruitment agencies typically seek interaction with professional communities, associations, colleagues, HR managers and so forth And this means that Your candidacy can recommend to a wider audience of specialists.
* Unique job offers. In the labour market there are always jobs that are not published in open sources (at the request of the customer/company/enterprise, specialization, privacy, search/project/financial conditions)
* recruitment agencies strive to work with reliable employers and long-term cooperation. This work on reputation/ prestige/ ranking allows you to cut doubtful/unstable companies and their offers. On the other hand, employers want effective results in the form of a qualified professional, but also so carefully select the personnel of the Agency.
If You are looking for work, jobs do not exclude recruitment agencies from their area of search! They each have their own principles. So carefully study the terms of cooperation with them, ask clarifying questions and choose what is closer to You.

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