Observing the lives of the younger generation, teachers, doctors, superiors and subordinates, priests and psychologists, idols and mortals, involuntarily comes to mind the most pressing question of our day - the question about the meaning of life.

the Modern school the vast majority – neurotics. In fact, all their values are aimed at achieving pleasure. And the worst thing is that they are not being taught today that to achieve pleasure, you should make certain efforts and actions to achieve the same pleasure. Alas, the fun you have here and now.

most of the elderly the situation is even more complicated. If you ask them what they care about most, you'll hear about money, success, experiences, love and emotions. But, when it comes to quality of life values, reflection, reflection on the reality and meaning of their lives, they become absolutely helpless.

Enter today one of the most important questions for him: "who are You?" and most difficult in a daze I begin to list you a set of specific social roles. About "average!" the man will give the following concept of self: "I am the man; I am a successful professional; I'm a father; I'm a driver; I am Orthodox, etc".

If all lists, is the standard roles of the relevant social groups or norms – this is not his "I". This role of the mask! After all, a man, and not beast, a man is when complies with the specified rules and the rules of humanity. He is the driver, because a specific instance he was issued the corresponding document, which gives grounds to consider himself as such. He is aware of himself Orthodox, not Catholic, only on the basis of confessional doctrine of the "filioque" (the doctrine of the procession of the Holy spirit not only from God the Father but "and from the Son") that the representatives of non-traditional confessions just don't know!

Oh! This is probably the most difficult of ever asked questions!

Oh, Victor, you were right!

the Above observations, and not only, bringing the mind to despair, remember the words of the prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, psychotherapist Victor Emil Frankl. He wrote in his book "Will to meaning" of the strange phenomenon that was not ready psychotherapists and psychiatrists, in those years, the "existential vacuum."

"Existential vacuum – the feeling of total lack or loss of a main sense of human existence, which would make his life attractive. This is followed by the void and inner emptiness. In the language of Logotherapy, this phenomenon is also called "existential frustration" or a frustrated "will to meaning".

Viktor Frankl. "The will to meaning."

Here the question arises: "the Era of the loss of meaning of life, about which so much has been written and what is actually treated Frankl relevant today, in the 21st century?". We are in the 21st century we live, but the mind, values and actions still arrive in century the 20th? Yes, most of the calendar time, today, plays a significant role in the development of our society. Still, as early as in the 20th century we are surrounded by existential pit (or vacuum Frankl), the same "salad", but under other sauce.

the Meaning of life in life itself

1 Earthly life passed before the half,

2 I found myself within a darkling wood,

3 Lost the way in the darkness of the valley.

4 I do Not remember myself how I got there,

11 So the sleep I entangled with lies,

12 When I strayed from the true track.

13But to holonomy approaching the foot,

14 Which were closed by the Dol,

15 I sawsi heart with fear and trembling,

15 I saw, eyes hardly elevated,

17 and the light of the planet, guiding everywhere,

18 Already on the shoulders of the mountain came down.

Alighieri, Dante - divine Comedy

it is a pity when a person suddenly realizes that all his life sought to provide the conditions of his life, but no longer has any time to live. Their lives have built a happy life?

Happy to be only when you recognize the sufficiency of your own life and dare to accept it! Better to be a happy clerk or a supermarket than poor Minister?

By successes and achievements can and should strive for. To pursue happiness will not work! It is in that moment when it seems that we have achieved happiness, there comes the realization that it already was. A weak swimmer, the current can be only a log, however, a person is able to swim against the current. To swim against the current is hard to the same man for a long time arrives in suspense.

What person really need, I am sure Frankl - is sufficient voltage resulting from the appearance meaning that it must implement. This tension inherent in human existence and, therefore, it is necessary for mental health.

Everyone chooses for themselves! Therefore, among the people so you can often notice a paradox when successful people are unhappy, and, for example, the seller of supermarket and the mother of a disabled child is self-sufficient and happy.

Psychologist-psychotherapist Vitaly Bulyga

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