Reflections from the lecture


Almost a week ago I attended a lecture by Yaroslav Igorevich koryakova. 20 years ago I was at his lecture last time, studying at the undergraduate Department of psychology. Here is a new meeting 20 years later.

the Reason for the lecture were the ideas of the Argentine psychoanalyst, but in General it was about not losing the relevance of psychotherapy issues:

What is mental illness and what is mental health?

- What is psychotherapy?

- That contributes to the movement of people to mental health in the process of psychotherapy and what doesn't work.

In General, underlying these issues.

human Perception is selective and subjective, so in this article I will reflect the points, which for me was important and significant, confirming my own conclusions in the process of the practice.

so, the first conclusion - the medical model in helping mentally ill people does not work. Why it is so popular in Russia? Making diagnoses is only a means to defend against the anxiety of uncertainty. And this is dictated by the desire and people seeking assistance, and specialists providing assistance to a specific diagnosis.

the second Conclusion: real people, only very conditionally can be classified as "psychotic", "border guards" or "neurotics". Specific real person is often a complex personality that includes characteristics of all three levels. Moreover, it was observed that one and the same person in different circumstances and with different people can behave with different degree of "healthiness". For example, it has been observed that most patologiche the behavior of patients in the hospital tend to develop in the relationship with your doctor, while when they entrusted the care of the more disturbed patients, they will miraculously become much more normal.

the third Conclusion: when working with people, conventionally attributed to a psychotic organization of the personality, can work contributing to the formation of psychotic transference, but, you can work and deliberately preventing the formation of migration (in particular, so worked Sullivan). Interestingly, the work is effective and that, in another case.

of Course, in this article I have presented only a few touched upon in the lecture ideas. Maybe after some time you would like to share and others.

Guseva Olga
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