reflections of a psychologist


Sooner or later, but every psychologist can sometimes be a moment when he is disappointed in psychology.
Sometimes more than once.
Then, of course, passes. Or not. And then we go into another profession.
This is normal. Everyone wants to see the results of their work, then the work is inspiring.
the point is that the results of our work only partially dependent on us.
There is still another person in charge of our work – the CLIENT.
And the client has their own ideas about working with the psychologist.
And these views, of course, affect the performance. Well, if they are at least a little true. And if not?
a cry from the heart - my favorite illusion clients.

Number one. Hope for a miracle. When you come to a psychologist, he must do something that your life will immediately improve. How is it impossible? Like I need more than one meeting? What does it mean to take responsibility? It's distributing some… And sharply drained.

two. Psychologist – this is an extreme measure. A psychologist should come only when very, very bad. We cried together, got support. FFFFFF exhaled until the next breakdown. Prevention? Deep processing? No, not about me. I have all OK.

three. It's not so much an illusion, how many delusion. Looks like the client merges the most important key moments when the theme is “hot”. “Oh, have so much to do, not enough time”, “you know, all the money spent, I'm a girl”, “Yes, all right, could we please get therapy”, “children have no one to leave”, “I got sick”… the List can continue indefinitely. Why the confusion? Because the client thinks that external circumstances do not allow you to move forward in the work. How it works resistance. Very strong interior defender. The part that provides internal security. In fact, this is the coolest time to work. And to lose it so foolishly – sorry. Talking about this at the first consultation. But quickly forgotten.

And number four. One of the varieties of resistance, my favorite is the devaluation of work. “Sense of going to a psychologist, I know all this advice is useless”, “I Have so it all got better”. Self. Yeah. Sometimes, of course, it happens when the customer took the online, and began to rely on themselves. And it pleases, of course. But often it is the resistance and plums.
And it's only four))) But what I want to say?
Despite my sarcasm and irony, I still dearly love their customers. Maybe that's why I write this article. And not leaving his business. I see of small pieces of paszlib, great difficulty, overcoming pain and resistance, most of them come down to awareness, depth and a new higher quality of life. And grateful for the courage and persistence on the path to him.

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