Reflections on self-centeredness


One of the aspects of self - the illusion that you are floating through life and life itself throws you food and good (nothing to do with the perception on the principle of abundance!). Here about the point of view of the child - all for me, is I and everything revolves around me because I'm not yet able/not learned/still does not work. Actually, I think there is a Hidden request for continued support and assistance. I do not want to admit that you need that only grew outwardly, but inside they are in agreement with the old family way of life - relying on mom for dad, but not for themselves. Just slightly changed the picture and they are not in every hour, but children's demands still "calls the shots". br>
Relying on yourself - and this is the result, and learning, and the process of samoistseleniya. It is important that all the components came together by the time adulthood, and it happens not always: often, instead of fullness there is fear - "I'm hungry", "not get it, as it was many times", "not good enough", etc. Thus, self-centeredness to some extent and there is a psychological hunger. And fed the hungry, not a friend, at times even fed the hungry - mining...

And if you just unset, no prescription convalescence except these illusion questioning:
the World is designed for me? If I always get what I asked for and blame in this whole world? I choose or "taking me"? Not desired because "I'm bad" or because there are many objective reasons?

Egocentric will probably face time and again with painful resentment. It is also a beacon. We usually remember who we have and how much. And really, this offense is just not worth it to chase as objectionable. It is desirable to reformulate the claim form in the form of notation needs. Paradoxically, in this moment I cease to be a consumer and become master of the situation, the owner of his time and other resources.

the Advantages of this solution:
I nurture myself not for someone to become the person I want to see, and to realize your potential for disclosure of a matter in their own eyes,
I'm out of standby mode until I bring in the dish that I want (rarely satisfied by the way),
I can See the world, or at least to see a little clearer and more objective in comparison with previous state of "myopia"
- there is a chance to get to know yourself as a Creator - person who actively participates in the dialogue with the environment.

And even this small list is enough to every day became a new point of true fulfillment.

Strokina, Anna
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