Reflections on the ideal


it so Happens that the person seeks to be perfect. But what everyone puts in this concept?

For some, it is the ideal beautiful body appearance; for someone of high position; and for some family and children. And some want maximum symbiosis that "everything was fine" as grandfather Anton Chekhov bequeathed.

However, the maximum perfection of the human being - it sounds like something disturbing. It's probably in all fields will have: soul, body, thoughts, feelings, relationships, career, material component (apartment, food, life).

Here I am writing these lines and be scary. After all, making such external and internal at the same time the perfection, never getting tired and not being sick is an incredible tension and a colossal waste of internal resources and vitality, which supports ALL the processes in the ideal...

it does not happen... it is Possible to create the illusion of perfection: in social networks or by talking (bragging, which is immediately noticeable) and a waste of money. But the ideal is only the embalmed corpse.

After all, how can it be a great feeling of joy or sorrow, perfect anger or tenderness. In every sense so many shades, nuances, all of them important.

Someone in the pursuit of perfection pushes everything to the new challenges, making it impossible to rest and to assign valuable experience, receive recognition, share the joy with loved ones. And someone on the contrary slows down this top bracket or makes over and over again into the blood to break. And the inability to accept the obviously unattainable result leads to the depths of despair and anguish, coupled with shame and humiliation. Nobody takes the right rod weighing 600 kg and sail to Gibraltar, or does not make a quarterly report with the business plan on the first day at my new job. All goals are achieved by gradual steps and the development of skills and abilities.

So how do you find balance? How to find your ideal? After all, there is the standard meter and kilogram? I think it can help the issue, but as you search for that ideal? What kind of feeling does it bring? If you have time in the process be happy, to assign the experience to rest? Or perform one task, just grab a new one, or disappointed no longer get up off the couch?

seems to Me it is important to notice this peculiarity: that the pursuit of the perfect people can mask and conceal from themselves their own vulnerability, anxiety and uncertainty. And then the "pursuit of perfection" turns into a kind of psychological protection that is socially acceptable in our modern society advances.

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