Reflections on women's ways


Proving to yourself that she is worthy of his father, his love and acceptance, the woman moving in the male hero's way. So she loses touch with her feminine essence and depleted. Someone 25, someone a 30 or a 35, 40 or 45 or 50.

It may come after a divorce, a serious illness, after a job loss... went into crisis, a woman my whole life proving that she is worthy of love of his father, feels empty and bitter and drained of blood. And all this is the result of life in order to earn recognition in a man's world. To feel their worth and value. And in fact it's the same suffering girl, with a hole inside that is hungry and does not feel its value.

Too expensive she had to pay in order to get what you want - a career, power, money, honor and respect. The loss of physical and sometimes mental health, unhealthy relationships in the family or loss of family, lack of creativity and dreams – the result is too long and busy route for men the way for women. Sad story. What do you do?

Outlet for women – search for women's way and connect with your feminine essence. A man already learned to live, and this skill helps to survive. But not help the woman to live a fruitful and happy. The value of our women's not the achievements. It's just there within us.

By nature a woman is valuable by itself, by right of his existence. Love, tenderness, creativity, creating beauty, caring for loved ones life of the senses – it creates in us the inner woman, recreates it from the ashes of the tombs, where some are buried.

the Women's circle, where each supports each, as a sister – also helps to restore their femininity to the totality.

I'm not against achievements. Achieve! But not obestochivaete. Replenish and restore their feminine nature, connecting with Mother of all things. The right to be a woman nobody can take away from us except ourselves.

Enjoy and rejoice in your feminine body, sensitivity and wisdom not from the head. Be like blossoming roses. Blagogate!)

P. S. Inspired by the book, Maureen Murdock, "the Journey of the heroine," some of the tales P. Estes, " Running with the wolves" and experience.

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