Relations - key success factors! Part 4 "Ineffective patterns of communication"


a Key factor in successful relationships in family, in business, in life and with yourself

Part 4 "Ineffective patterns of communication"

As I wrote in previous articles, using the relations we get almost everything we have in our lives.

And really should be able to build a competent relationship and in the family, at work and with friends.

In this article, I propose to consider ineffective patterns of communication and learn to track them.

Remember, says one of the laws of systems:

“We can manage the system that we can describe»

that is why you should learn to monitor effectively patterns in the relationship.

to Identify their patterns and templates other people.

Pay attention to how people communicate, what to say, what to do and what result you get.

is Not effective and destructive patterns of communication

  1. pretend to be listening, while they themselves are busy with their own thoughts.

In this case, it often happens that we can assent to the other party or even nod, but really we are not with him, we are in their thoughts.

2.  we hear only what we important or interesting.

Miss entirely the full meaning of the speech, while in their thoughts and responding only to what caught our attention or that we were interested in.

3.   Miss out on attention to feelings and experiences of the interlocutor.

non-Verbal messages (facial expressions, gestures, posture, emotion, opinion) are up to 95% of the information. Losing focus of non-verbal messages, focusing only on speech we can't always understand what's really going through a man is and what he has in mind actually.

Watch how often you see these patterns in communication?

How comfortable to communicate in this way?

What do you feel when misunderstood?

In a future article, consider the habits in communication which you should give up

to be Continued...

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