the Relationship between a man and a woman the theme is inexhaustible. Their characteristics and nuances so numerous that to describe them all is unlikely anyone will succeed. Today, we are talking about is not quite apparent aspect is the situation, when prevailing to become the concept of "evil", and using this principle you can build relationships or break.

In the first case it begins with the fact that the couple found an "external enemy", is not always shared, by the way. And then the relationship starts to turn into a proof that the two man the woman is good. To prove that people can to anyone, parents, close friends and girlfriends. Often, this turns into a very real war in which all resources are directed only to win. To prove that to her or him together better.

Very interesting in this situation, the behavior of some women that say they are friends. If a close friend says in plain text that this specific man, in her opinion, is not suitable for a woman. The latter is likely to deem this observation is a manifestation of envy on the part of friends, especially if the friend alone. And will all available means to prove to a friend that she wrong. Persistence in such cases, only strengthens the opposition. Men also rarely listen to the advice of friends, but this is because they are more confident in their rightness and stubborn, plus a little receptive to advice in this area.

oddly, the relationship which are based on the desire to prove something to others, in the beginning very well developed, but in the later half of the cases start to slide down. It is quite understandable. Energy, which in theory, would have to go inside, generously spent outside. Naturally such a situation could not lead to harmonious development. Start to be conflicts, and if neither man nor woman come to the understanding that it is necessary to stop something someone to prove, in a pair, most likely there will be a gap.

When a man and a woman unites some common cause or interest is a great kind of relationship usually are durable and bring both satisfaction. But if the basis for a fight(proof), especially not for something and against something or somebody, such a relationship will meet their fate. People are arranged so that quite quickly get tired of tension, especially moral, what is essentially is the process of proof.

Applying in their lives the principle "to spite" we must remember that good is unlikely to be able to bring.

Live with joy! Anton Black.

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Anton Yurievich
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