Relationship - the everyday work?


Read today in the tape ...write: “For me, being a mom is first and foremost everyday work. Like a relationship with a man”. And you know how the sadness began to smell soon..... There is such a basic set-women - over relationship have to work!

For me, so the relationship is necessary “to be” to be real, to manifest, to feel the others ' needs, negotiate and respect each other.

But to work... don't want to.&Is like a field to plough and to wait, that soon it will sprout something. So it become overgrown as soon as the two meet - when people from a real, live, contact, happened. “Work” - work in a relationship happens when relations about: flying plow - put - grow, what is not clear... but suddenly.... sacrifice smells.... do you hear? But if plow plow, return not? 

But it's hard to stop already. 

When invested, given away, donated their time, their emotions , plate time spent year “if only dear appreciated".... not appreciated, anyway....

When I worked on the relationship and scored on their needs. Well, we “work”, make concessions. 

Here the man falls into the trap of the exchange. I made concessions to the sacrifice, it is expected that another go. But not talking... then scandalise.... is not.... psychoed.... is not..... starts on anger and negativity, but even so my take away!

At this moment “work” continues. Like a snowball accumulation. The duty to return it! 

the Man himself is spinning this story, with terrible force. Hard to move, not returning the debt. 

With the children, many a parent scandals are built in anticipation of the repayment of a debt. 

Working  on the relationship strategy is clearly so-so.

On relations with the children the same.

I close the idea to work out yourself. ✨What would be able to see the person to take a person to manifest itself without fear, calmly. ✨Calmly tell me so, not suitable! Fits me differently - and be able to accept the answer, even if it is not in my favor. ⚡Know critical to me in relationships. Without which they are not possible at all. And that is clearly the challenge for the third and possible to do. (To let go, not to podstrelivat Chiharu that it is not)

Knowing yourself, being able to see another without the ‘fantasy glitches” can perfectly be in a happy relationship. Without “work” in feelings, checking chuvstva reality. In history where the two of us. 

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