Relationships with others is one of the key themes in therapy. Every person is separated from the other, but each needs the other. We see ourselves, know ourselves through relationship. If we happily want to share, sad - I want to find comfort. We are not able ourselves to give all that we get from each other, so most of our needs, resources, pleasure from life one way or another is connected with other people.

however, it often happens that relationships do not suit us. You can feel utterly alone, being around other people. You need sympathy or advice, but don't know what it is, nor from whom, nor how to ask someone else about it. It is possible to be good to someone, but somehow not stand beside him for more than one day. You can try to go into things to avoid relationships, but it does not get satisfaction from these cases: because the need associated with the relationship, you cannot close via achievements. You can even think that want a relationship but hard to avoid them. Sometimes all of these situations can be repeated in a circle like a change of scenery, people, and the problems remain the same. At such moments, sometimes despair and a feeling of impasse: it may even seem that relations between people are impossible, senseless and it is better not to count on anyone and anything.

However, it all just seems so bleak, and for good reason. It is possible with the help of a psychologist to explore themselves in the world of relationships: what's it to you what you do want, what you do and what happens to you in these processes. Previous negative experiences it is possible to constructively rework, that it even became a resource for the new. Sometimes it happens that in therapy a person understands how and what model he plays, that's the scenario. It happens that the reasons, blocking good contact with other like stones: they can be considered and neatly out of the way. Sometimes, we have to admit their vulnerability and learn how to talk about it: it gives you the opportunity to communicate on a deeper level, to the feeling that you finally see. Finally, feel interest and desire to see the Other. To meet. And then Life is real, very tasty. Such Meetings with Other it is impossible to forget how to live without them now.

still delay your Life?

Zizevskikh Catherine
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