"You are funny, and I to get married!"


have you ever Asked yourself the question, why?

There are signs, which you can immediately define the relationship, doomed to fail.

Here they are.

*You do not love a partner, and his potential.
*You take on the role of the Savior.
*You behave like a mother and treating partners with a small child.
*Between you partial compatibility.
*You choose your partner from harm.
*You voluntarily submit to the partner.
*You behave like a little girl to get from the partner what you want.
*You are passionate about for external reasons.
*You choose someone who is the complete opposite of the predecessor.
*You sacrifice yourself.
*You hide your dignity and competence.
*Your partner nonfree

Modify the model behavior

A relationship has its UPS and downs, their passion and desire, their conflicts and problems. But every such conflict gives the opportunity to look at themselves, to see and correct the mistake you often repeat.

First of all, get familiar with his pattern of behavior, change it, and only after that you will return love and harmony in the relationship.


the Examination for the Director's "fake" Cinematography. Students ask: -
for example, a frame: a man and woman come together to visit. How to immediately make it clear to the audience that it is a husband and wife?
One student offers: - She straightens his tie.
- maybe it's his Secretary?
Other: - He gently kisses her in the hallway.
Well, it's more lovers.
Third: - He grumbles: "why I married you...".
- And maybe they already divorced?
Fourth: - He pulls out from her purse a handkerchief, blowing his nose into it and puts it back in her purse.
Five points!


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