Relationship number 2 or relationships with other


Done a description of the structure of the 2nd level relations. Present in the form of a diagram where I tried to combine all the elementary but essential part of the system of interpersonal communications.

Redesigned the entire practical experience of the business coaching and coaching. Specifications differ from the components of relationship with me, which I described in the article

  • Perception of partner relations/communications
  • Understanding the goals and their partner in the relationship/communications 
  • the Ability to regulate the emerging complexity

First, we describe the high-quality and supportive relationships with other people in any context: work, family, business, friendship.

the Formation positions "are You OK"

  • Show an interest in the goals, values, beliefs, interests of another
  • Set a positive intention for the reactions and actions of the other
  • Openly accept another, all manifestations and the + and -. Without labels such as "bad"/"good", "bastard"/"Holy".

the Formation of adequate expectations from a relationship

  • Know the personality of the partner: temperament, character, psycho. Understand that the other is different from me
  • Define States and emotions of another person. Understand that the other, the same as me.
  • Know their purpose in relations/communications
  • Know the basic criteria that are important to me in a partner to achieve the objectives. These criteria do mine, and not impressed me from the outside

Overcoming obstacles

  • Compare the image of the results of communication with their expectations.
  • Can see and describe the relationship with 4 positions: I, another, the observer.
  • Ask yourself, reviewing the situation from the perspective of the observer: what led me to the desired result and that was taken away?
  • Able to positively override the intentions and shortcomings of the other to manage their emotions in relationships

do Not support, but rather weaken and conflicting relations with others described in the opposite values in the same categories: the attitude to the partner, the expectations, the reaction to difficulties in communication.

the Formation positions "You near"

  • Not interested in goals, values, interests, and other criteria
  • Involve primarily the negative purpose for the reactions and actions of the other
  • accept another with only one hand. Summarize one judgment/ impression on the entire personality of another.

the Formation of Nieadekwatny expectations from a relationship.

  • I Think that another one like me. Do not study the differences in temperament, personality, psychotype of another person
  • can not/ do Not determine the emotions and condition of the other. I believe that the other is different from me.
  • Have a vague idea about what I want from a relationship/communications.
  • do Not reflect on the wording of the most important criteria for partner relations/communications

a Complication of difficulties

  • don't ask what I wanted/was expecting about relationships and how adequate these expectations
  • Perceive the relationship just one position I am.
  • do Not analyze their actions, leading to undesirable result. Pay attention only to the actions of another person
  • Focusing on unpleasant and irritating qualities of the other. Do not try to manage their emotions by changing the relationship to another

I would also be grateful for any comments and feedback.  

the Following are waiting for their turn Relations number 3 or relations with the world.

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