Relationships don't need! part 2

-At the men watching now either as originally poor, before it is was, exactly! In General, a good layer of shoals are gone, yay! - insight client after the study. 
Continue to talk about those relations, "not needed".
On the face of the unconscious internal conflict. There is a need in the relationship, but attempts repeatedly fail. It Angers and annoys. To itself and so is not a relation, and there are already fully disappointed in myself.
includes a protective mechanism, not I am/be, and it is they, the bastards, not enough for me is good! Let take me the way/traveler I am, while I simultaneously explain what is wrong with them or knocked from the horizon. However, the problem will not go away. But was tightly denied, displaced and suppressed. And continues to remind myself: whenever glance at maloushina couple of boils the rage, well, how can the people to kiss, not ashamed! Well it was so stuffed yourself to choose! And when the sight falls on the conflict between m and m, the man rubbing his vindictive deep down handles, they say, here it is the confirmation that the relationship is fu!
Lot of energy and time is spent on the maintenance of this internal conflict. And joy from all of this, as it was not, and never will. All in all, it is necessary, first, to correct self-image to an adequate (which may take from one to three months). Love yourself, be yourself an interesting person. And secondly, to develop the skill of communicating with people. All, chat, grow, interest in other people, rejoice, rejoice. And when you are loving yourself (and it's the feeling: it's awesome to be me!), do what you love, which can talk for hours, interested in the world around you and people will notice you and others. Someone will want to be with you because being around you is good.
But.. It all requires effort. People think that it is easier to grumble about how nasty "grapes", which did not appreciate their attempts to take possession of them. And the best years are spent on a dull existence in denial of reality and their own needs for love, warmth, relationships. This is a very heavy and dark life.
All this is in order to enjoy sex to chat, meet, fall in love, in General, to live as you want! Lord demonstrators merged in the most active years 25-45 years. As if his insult to the whole world and the opposite sex, they are punished in this very world. Although, in addition to themselves, they never can be punished.

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