Today, about the relationship such an important part of our female life. Each of us was in a relationship with a man or dwells in them now. And each tends to have them, no matter what. Why? Variants of the answers a lot. And only one answer is correct, some say later.

What kind of relationship I call "relationships that don't exist". It is the relationship, when you're in, because they used to. You are not satisfied with partner (husband), no heat and attention, something was trying to make with it, but nothing happened and You resigned: "I Live now, even so, than be one."

Yet, if we live for children. "The baby needs a father, you will grow, and then think about yourself, and still be tolerated". And the child grows, he sees the drunken antics of his father, sees how sad and twitched mother. Understands that something here not so, and what specifically do not know. If it's a boy, then either adopt the style of behavior of the father, and in his family behaves the same way as his father. Or grows insecure, weak, easily manipulated by others. If it's a girl, most often the husband chooses himself like the father, and as the mother suffers in these relationships. The question arises – what are we then we maintain the relationship for the sake of the children?!

All of us girls from an early age are taught that we must marry, have children, it is important to have a family, it is important to keep the family in any way. Ashamed to divorce, and what people think, and how to include parents. And you, fear of judgment, despite the fact that he wanted to end the relationship suffer. Suffer despotism, cavils, reproaches, and other "charms" of such family relations. You say to yourself: "But where will I go, who will need to do and how to live without him? He needs me what I'd do without their halves? Even this is imperfect."

Or relationship with "the eternal lover". All men walk, all change, such is their nature. And what to do about it. So many people think, and cry in a pillow so no one has seen or heard. I regret myself why is this happening to me than I deserve.

Why? Yes, because you have to live for ourselves, as selfish it may sound. Love yourself, enjoy every day and then not have to tolerate "the relationship, which is not." Relationship is not the goal and not the meaning of life, but only a means to a full life (V. Sinelnikov).

if You Found yourself in this article, or are You all right? Well, relatively well. Just familiar to me than, over "relationships that don't exist". Pain, resentment, self-pity, complete destruction of self, destruction of personality. You have to see women of retirement age who have lived in such relationships all her life. You should have seen the pain in their eyes! And that life could be different and differently take shape.

it All depends on You, on Your decision to live full and bright!
Personally YOU want change in your life?

Radzikhovsky Oksana
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