whatever relationship you chose - calm, comfortable and stable, but a bit boring and such, which provides almost every step, as your and your partner or relationship, where everything is like a volcano - where you are constantly rocking on "emotional swings," where nothing is  a predictable and calm, but they are less stable? Did you ever get over this issue? Was there ever a similar experience? I decided to reflect on this theme.

In my life as one experience and another and so I have something to compare. At first I was managed to get into a relationship, where everything seethes, rages and explodes. About this relationship, one can only say "unbridled passion", which demolished everything in its path. Yes it was bright.

We are bright and loud quarrel, and then just as clearly and loudly up. It was hot ... But then it all ended. Just our once bright flash went out. We both at some point, tired of all these passions, and as if extinguished.

 It was broken beyond repair. Just had no strength, and desire, frankly, too, was gone. It really is true that "there is a will, but the possibility is always there". And here this desire was neither I nor he. We decided not to torment each other, not to bring and just quietly go away and that's the only thing we managed to do really quietly.

frankly, the first time I've missed that bright, unforgettable emotions, even subconsciously was looking for the same in other men. Thought, and if he can give me the same emotion, the same rush? But then the time came around and I remembered why did I broke up with a former partner. Yes, because it is simply impossible to live permanently on the volcano and not knowing when the next time again explode. When next time could be our last.

I chose a calm, stable relationship and not lost. Now I am incredibly happy that my life has gone all these drama, jealousy, all these volcanoes with “emotional swings” as “closer” and “warmer-colder”. Of course, we can also have quarrels and misunderstandings, not without it.

But I'm not afraid anymore, because of this we can disagree. I'm really calm and confident that together we can and will overcome. And what is the buzz, if you only knew! And by the way, the passion between us is also rife.

now she's Just differently expressed. Not in constant quarrels with bytem detergent and then in hot reconciliations and so on following times, and in how you look as touch as you want … How about you care how you trust and how you really love and you too. Well, I made my choice. And what choice did you ..?

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