Moving as long ago proven by psychologists that always leads to a change in the psychological state of the person. It is always stressful. No matter if you'd run away from where you were poorly, and Vice versa, decided to make a quick step in "light another".

grief can not be avoided, the loss will have to go through.

And whether to change the city, country or just moving to another area of the city. Break off communication, and you are going to work the other way, beautiful, but so foreign to the streets, and friends with whom communication is supported only by Internet, and no one to visit.

towards the integration of all those notorious 5 steps (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross). Stuck on any of the stages, steps, and the safe move is to turn into a traumatic event.

DENIAL. I wanted it so bad, why am I so bad??? It's not right! It can't be! Can't cry about that for a long time caused irritation. And you bring a hundred arguments in favor of their own choice. And of course you're right ,and Yes, you cry.

ANGER. The move - it is very expensive. Mentally, physically and financially depleted you through 3-4 months, even when it was planned. New job, housing, orientation in space of homes and shops, justified and unjustified expectations. Not all may be perfect. And you're angry: at myself, spouse and children, the lack of sun or the abundance of snow, to the otherness that is in a new place. And I think, "What the hell am I doing this? And milk they have is not tasty, and neighbors there were all familiar, though noisy".

TORG: it Often happens that, when you move, we bring favorite things, books, looking for the same products, similar routes, creating a familiar atmosphere in the house, so everything was at hand as before. If in a new environment, you can insert the past. Only, even that the work itself is in another city requires different approaches and behaviors.

to get to the NEW, NOT having GONE FROM the PAST. At this stage a come back, and deciding not to break with the past. It's not bad. Often, they qualitatively change something in your past, but in the "other" and do not fall.

DEPRESSION. The stage of hopelessness, despair, frustration, bitterness, self-pity. Awareness comes reality, and with it the understanding of the loss of past lifestyles. The stage of farewell with hopes, dreams and plans, everything will be about the same, only many times better. It is at this stage is awareness of self, other and elsewhere, an understanding of the impossibility and the unreality of return. And even old friends have to build a different relationship. When fully feel the responsibility for their own decision to leave, that is, to interrupt the bond that once was. And someone can be lost in this period, but often new close friends also appear at this time.

ACCEPTANCE. When you realize that the battle with the change that comes into your life does not produce results, begin to accept the situation as a whole. For the first time, to consider and to use their abilities in the present. No longer internally "run back" , replacing the escape with a willingness to accept all that is here would happen to you. Cease to compare the color of the grass and the moral quality of the population. Leaving room in your heart for the love of what was, and open towards what will be. And then, the place where you cease to be "bad and unworthy" and the new no need to attract "behind the ears" to the ideal and the perfect.

Belief in yourself, support and help new and old friends and acquaintances, when the desire - it all helps to make this the hard way (and those who don't help - easy to ask for help to a psychologist)).The path loss of the "old", go in which will have everyone who seek to "new".

Varaksina Olga
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