Obsessions is obsessive thoughts. They appear spontaneously. Their contents are unpleasant, often frightening for people. It can be perceived as something shameful, shameful. It may be Intrusive images, memories, doubts, fears, views.

In the mind of such a person endlessly spinning:

- if I did iron?

- and suddenly I forgot to close the tap and now filled all the neighbors?

- true if I wrote down the address or phone number?

- what if I harm my child?

- touch the handrails or door knobs contagious.

Such thoughts from time to time may be at all. But a person with OCD, they cause painful experiences, negative emotions, the desire to get rid of, get rid of them. He gets fixed on them or getting rid of them.

Often Intrusive thoughts – a manifestation of neurosis. Previously, obsessive-compulsive disorder is called obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, they can be a symptom of other disorders. Therefore for specification of the diagnosis it is better to consult a specialist.

depending on the diagnosis, condition and other individual peculiarities of the patient with obsessions assigned drugs and psychotherapy.

This memo will help in the understanding of the thinking errors that support OCD. In its preparation helped me the book "success in overcoming OCD. Metacognitive training", the authors S. Moritz, M. Hauschildt, E. Garamova.

Thoughts are not you

Rather, you is not just your thoughts. You're the one who can observe the thoughts, communicate them, evaluate them.

Bad and scary thoughts say about you as a bad and scary person. The fact that come to mind such thoughts, does not characterize you as a bad or terrible person.

the Ideas not only of what is within you. Huge amounts of information about everything comes to us from everywhere: TV, news, Internet, communication with friends. And the brain processes this information so as you can. Including the emergence of Intrusive thoughts.

Writers, artists, screenwriters, Directors expressed their thoughts in art. Many works of art contain scary scenes. However, this does not mean that every one of them cause someone harm.

Thought is not a reality and not a means to control the world

Try this one thought to prepare their own meals. Or to buy products. Or move the Cabinet. Does not work? And obsessive thoughts will not become reality without your will, which is expressed in action.

Thought is not a prediction and not a prophecy about the future

the Idea is a product of your psyche. The product of the processing of information from the past. But not from the future. By itself, the idea of neurotic is not dangerous.

Thought is not the intention of

by Itself, the idea can not force you to perform an action. Image jump height is just a picture in your imagination. You have a choice how to act.

the Problem is not the existence of such thoughts from a neurotic. The problem is his attitude towards them.

Together with the understanding of the nature of neurosis are well established methods for the development of mindfulness and behavioral techniques and exercises.

Kristina Vyacheslavovna
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