Reviews about psychologists, dependence and death


I see a public hysteria around opinions about psychologists. And fundamentally disagree with it.

What do you see?

a) the client, before the appeal to the psychologist wants to see feedback.

b) some psychologists seriously practiced in the preparation of reviews about themselves.

I don't get this "culture". Not long ago I stopped being a psychologist self-employed and became a private psychologist to play with clients.

In the beginning gathered four of the opinion. Yes, it was nice again to hear the appreciation from the client.

Well, then what?

On to collect I didn't. It was a personal choice to take the risk of losing their customers. Since once of the reviews I have, so I'm no expert.

Know how psychology is gaining a lot of reviews about yourself?

Begging. – Helped the client, and the next day let's revocation of his beg.

And I don't want my therapist begged.

I paid for a meeting, said thanks – here is my live review. Enough?

Who is the customer reviews about psychologists?


He decided (to refer to a specialist or not), based on the opinion of other happy people. Accustomed to not trusting what he writes about himself a specialist.

And how can he help feedback if initially he does not trust the therapist?

Well, that is dependent psychologists who accompany the clients. These psychologists learned that around the penny price, in addition to reviews.


Want to go to therapy-conformist, which collects feedback, only because he was told to do that right?

Want to go to a psychologist, who is listening to the story about your pain, quietly thinking about what opinion you will write to him tomorrow?

Want to be a psychologist a little later you wrote: "Hey, what's up? As I helped you?, cool I. I told you. Write a review about me plz". And between the lines jump in no case in either eye unobtrusive the request of the psychologist - "for you I would not hurt to review..".

Want to go to the "shrink from God" that can't think up that there are other ways to cause your trust?

Want to go to a psychologist, who is preparing for you the delicious hot patties?

I'm talking about feedback in the form of a screenshot of the smartphone screen, where you can see today's date, and carefully erased the name of the happy man.

mi-Mi. The highest score of trust, keep it up, colleagues! Melt the ice of mistrust in the hearts of our innocent fools-customers!

== =

people Will listen to bullshit about how to live safely and berikovna, which blow in his ears, and then it will die ugly.

On the bed lay


to say, that I have lived my life,

muttering that those bastards told me so.

I'm another life I wanted, blah blah blah.

But his hand reaches for the phone to gash the suicide selfie. Well, loved well the fashion will suicide selfie with the ears and the nose funny stuffed animals.

a Terrible death happens. But a selfie for something tolerable.

message from

Learn to distinguish a goat from a psychologist. Taught himself.

Reviews for you here comrade. Because goat is a goat, well learn what paths your idea in search of support in our ambiguous world.

What? He knows how to write reviews that you liked it, my suspicious young friend, cousi lie like the others never smell.

But the psychologist knows that both of us still live in the same world to death. Why would I fool you?..

Reviews are important and necessary. But not in the same absurd form.

the Psychologist Vitaly Dudin

Vitaliy Dudin
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