Reviews about psychologists and their significance


Turning for help to a psychologist or psychotherapist, it is important to understand if the specialist you're going to get.

in Addition to experience and education that each specialist has its own characteristics and techniques of works: from scientific approaches to the most incredible (the choice is wide and individual). And every psychologist who has personal characteristics. In our country, psychological counselling, as well as psychotherapy becoming more popular.

People have become more literate, they began to understand that the psychological and psychotherapeutic work is not just "talk and gone," this is work, this aid is that can be an effective tool for improving the quality of human life. If we look at the statistics (data are approximate), then, despite the lack of accurate statistical data for the last 5-7 years there has been an increasing demand for the services of psychologists and psychotherapists.

However, even though the increase in demand for psychological and psychotherapeutic services, access to experts in the field of psychology often causes confusion for customers, thereby complicating the search for the right psychologist. In this case, the only source of information about quality of work of the psychologist is the feedback of its clients.

narrate the opinions of potential customers:

1. Simple gratitude. This review is brief, do not contain information, data about the request, about the customer (the patient), even in a modified and anonymous. Of course, a psychologist will be happy to brief review, for it is significant and important. But, for customers who would like to learn more about this expert opinion is not informative.

2. Description of the reasons for the treatment to a psychologist or psychotherapist. This review is very good for the psychologist and for customers who are in search of your specialist. The only missing information here is the lack of completeness of treatment, what helped was an expert in such reviews described little or omitted.

3. Positive or negative emotional reflection meetings with a psychologist or therapist. Can be seen as a continuation of the psychotherapeutic session.

4. The contents and features of work of the psychologist, including a description of the methods, mode of operation, comfort and all the discomforts of the office, proximity to the customer's place of residence, etc.

So, reading the review, find it informative.

Kovaleva Ekaterina
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