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Greetings dear friends, today I will talk about jealousy and how to get rid of it? When I asked this question in social media, I often respond very briefly, I say that should be treated, because jealousy is nothing more than a neurotic disorder.

for me Personally, jealousy, this does not mean the ability to love, for what is essentially love, love? Love is giving, love is service, and jealousy is a selfish childish desire that the whole energy of man was concentrated upon us, that the toy was only my(.

And if one wants, for example, just to look at another girl, for another man, to anyone or just to spend time with friends and with friends at the bachelorette party to the bachelor party, then such revnue (as I call them) begin to pour poison and burn them with fire, your partner for it.

People who want to enjoy the love of another person, they should want to see him as a person, to know him as a friend, interests, principles, attitudes, worldview, etc.

you Know, at a lot of weddings held this competition, when called a few couples who have lived there a certain number of years, put them back to back here and ask some questions and they have to answer, love their partner or not. As I've been to weddings, and what a time it so happened that I had mnogoletniki them to visit (the master of ceremonies worked)), 70% of newlyweds in the competition, are unable to guess half the questions about your lover or sweetheart. It is talking about??

When you love, you are in a sense serve the man, you give him fully my love, you want him to learn as much as possible, because you cherish and want to keep it.

Such a sample. After the New Year and the holidays already had a couple, the husband a black eye, scratched face, and the wife's lower lip swollen. When they came to me I immediately said: "Thank God that we came back alive")). The situation is simple to banality, sat at the Christmas table, and the friend's wife asked her husband somewhere in the closet to screw in a light bulb, he began to twist what was closed and the castle in the dark betrayed clip, well, then, said his wife did not want to listen)).

I'm being ironic, but in fact, jealousy can kill any relationship, and sad. When someone someone wears a collar and gets to live in it, what could be worse? So dear friends, personally I am for an open relationship in which there is respect, trust, understanding, honesty and most importantly understanding that love is freedom.

Thanks for your attention dear friends and until we meet again).

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