If people were cats and dogs, who would you be...?


There are cat people and there are people-dogs. br>

And yet, there are many ways to divide people into psychological types. They devoted hundreds of volumes, to repeat that I have no chance. So I will focus on a very simple, intuitive and unscientific. There are cat people and there are people-dogs.

People-dog like dogs. They are prone to hierarchical behavior, and at the meeting, always find out the ratio of social ranks. Usually they flock together and choose a leader of the arrogant and vicious of their own kind. Alone they are not too snug. And yet, dogs need a Host.

They are easily trainable, and happily execute the command. In the presence of the owner, they do not think. They follow him and obey his orders. They sincerely like to tear apart his enemies. Having lost its host, they quickly run wild, and filled with anger, which then pour out and all around.

But it's not because they are bad. They are gregarious animals capable of genuine loyalty and love. On the trouble these proud creatures do not distinguish who is worthy of allegiance. And easily give it to the first comer. Unbearable for them to be themselves. They need to belong to someone and be part of something bigger than themselves.

Their fate: to love and to wait, to serve and protect, and then to answer for everything. Or become a leader, not responsible for anything.

cat People are like cats. They have no rank, no status, no rank. They don't care who is in front of them. They do not run in packs, and do not recognize themselves leaders. And do never seek power. They are always by themselves. They're so hard to train that it is easier to kill than to force them to obey orders.

They love to travel, I love to change place, situation and occupation. They are so alien to the faithful that they are taken for antisocial rebels. While in fact they are very affectionate and gentle. But only when they want it. And easily disappear, having met any obsession. They are unpredictable like the wind.

And they are ready to defend their freedom. Tender lumps of fur in an instant become a ruthless weapon, bristling and ready for battle. They fight without mercy, although not like this. And easily depart, once again becoming the embodiment of tranquility and peace. It's like they don't remember neither good nor evil, living in the eternal here and now.

Their fate: to love, remaining a mystery, to leave and to return, to inflict wounds and heal them. And to be themselves.

People-dog and cat people. They live together for centuries, hating each other all the time. Cat people rarely attack people, dogs, preferring to ignore the hostile life form. But for human-dog, the very existence of man-cats is a challenge. He insults his feelings and faith in the truth.

People-dogs are always eager to grab power, and they succeeded. They occupy key positions in society, and seek to control everything. They usually try to pass your habits for human values and unquestionable moral standards. And imagine cat people are dangerous moral monsters.

cat People avoiding the authorities, trying to live by their rules. They ignored the law and the morals imposed by people-dogs. And at least made fun of their shrines. People dogs pay them with hatred, declared to hunt them. Sometimes cats pretended to be conquered, and the war died down.

But the world is arranged so that in him we live and hate each other, two irreconcilable humanity. Two irreconcilable civilizations.

the World of dogs. It was a terrible world. For thousands of years it belonged to the people-the dogs. They sought power and got it. They controlled everything. Cat people are not fighting, going into internal exile, creating a secret society, and at the first convenient opportunity to walk away by themselves.

People dog have created organized religion and morality, established the state and built a city. Cat people created art, science and craft of secret, building the base of the pedestal for his own eternal enemies. They suffered humiliation and pretend not to become the object of relentless hunting.

cat People themselves helped to build something that is then pressed them with all his might. Sometimes they let down the excitement of the game and the natural thirst for discovery, but most often they simply had no choice. People dogs have always considered them as inferior breed. Sometimes destroying, but most of forcing us to serve, and hoping to educate on the image itself.

Today, the world comes to an end. Many take it for the destruction of civilization, but it is not. It's just time for cats.

Revolution for cats. Over the past century, cat people has created a lot of unusual. They created a new science and mechanisms. New ways to look at life and unusual ways to depict the universe. And gradually, stone by stone, they built inside the hard world of dogs your new invisible world.

Today the old world is bursting at the seams. Like an old shell that protected inside a growing body. For centuries it has been gaining strength and waiting for an hour, when the shell is weakened. And now he is scratching inside, causing the walls a chilling blow by blow. People-dogs perceive this as an attack on the foundations.

cat People don't get in packs. Don't go to attack the enemy in close order. And not storming the bastions of people-dogs. Therefore, for centuries they always lost. People dog strong organization, loyalty to duty, and discipline. And the world for centuries stood on it. But now the world needs other things.

Values of order and loyalty, for centuries protected the people of their freedom, have now become incompatible with life. Or we will overrun them, and learn to live as human beings, or humanity will not survive this century. In the past century, the gregarious feelings, hatred of others and discipline almost killed us all.

But this time the price of the question above. Threats and risks facing humanity cannot be overcome the old means. Fortunately, cat people has prepared for us a new one. So, apparently, we have no choice. The world will belong to the cats. And dogs will find it in its rightful place.

it would be better for all. And for cat people and for the people-dogs. And even, for the man-birds. Although, perhaps his opinion should not be taken into account. But still...

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