Revolution in the clouds


the Eternal student — a mythological hero who is trying to gain knowledge and to understand the truth, but he was not destined to achieve the desired. So often called people smart but not adapted to life, suffice it to recall the naive intellectual Petya Trofimov from "the Cherry garden" Chekhov. Recently, however, the phrase "eternal student" is used in a purely positive way. Modern man must continually learn, update their knowledge and skills for General professional development. The question is, where and how to do it.

Traditional education has not kept pace with demand. In recent years much talk about a crisis in the training of managers. MBA program, which at the end of last and beginning of this century given the knowledge necessary for successful work in top positions, are going through difficult times. From the best business schools and their listeners so far, so good — after training salary of graduates doubled. But the queries of many people has changed.

Instead of a long, expensive programs "all" consumers want high quality, customized and affordable courses. Such offers there are more — and primarily in the digital sphere. The online education market grows annually by 30%, a remote studying tens of millions of people. Social and interactive platform form a "personal learning cloud" (PLC), from which each organisation can choose the required components. Still "individual trajectory of development" was developed in a small number of companies and mainly for top management. PLS allows you to do the same for enlisted personnel. Here, however, the problem arises of selecting from a huge number of programs, but it can be solved through educational mentors. When using the PLC will become a mass phenomenon and all employees will become eternal students, the growth of businesses in all areas will be explosive.

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