Nassim Taleb — the author of such books (I recommend) as "Fooled by randomness" and "Black Swan" in 2018 has released a new book, "Risking his own hide."

Main idea: "do Not do unto others as you would have them do to you". It seems that obvious. But in our world, problems arise from the fact that people make decisions, the consequences of which are not responsible.

Nassim Taleb writes:

"the most Important thing here is that the loss of intervencionista not concern you. It continues to operate from a suburban home with a regulation of a thermal mode, a two car garage, a dog and a small Playground where grass grows without pesticides to sirsasana 2.2 child God forbid was not caused any harm.


In the end we get those whom we call intellectuals — people living in delirium, literally mentally retarded just because they don't have to pay for the consequences of their actions; they repeat emasculated modern slogans (for example, talking about "democracy", encouraging the thugs; democracy — what they read, when I was in University).

the mistakes interventionists, sitting in comfortable offices with air-conditioning, had to pay the innocent: Yazidis, the Christian minority in the Middle East, mandee, Syrians, Iraqis and Libyans".

People commit actions, and from the effects they are protected. Or is it that their life is not time boomerang to return the result of their decisions. This is a problem that we are seeing.

Already cited in the article "Anti-80/20 principle" that officials easier to build a 3D model of the movement of public transport from outer space, than to travel on the same tram really in rush hour. Official divorced from reality, as the space from earth.

the Architects built up areas of concrete boxes and did not even bother then see how live in houses built people? Does that surprise you?

I know a lot of architects. They somehow really do not care what is the result of their labors. School, stadium, residential area — they design, but do not dare to go and see what happened in the end. Even if you create a house in the middle of Nowhere, buy a ticket, take a camera and go! It's your life, your mission, your portfolio.

Problems arise from the lack of feedback.

Nassim Taleb writes that the well will operate a world when people will reply "my skin" for their work. If there is no such responsibility, then we have a problem in medicine, education, construction...

feedback disciplinarum people. System reviews makes man Human. We are still in an intermediate stage of development, when people don't get the return for their actions. Workers can do the repair somehow, and for them it will be nothing. A little more time and these people will sweep technology feedback. One or two mistakes and people will be unemployed with a ruined reputation.

Pledge of good projects — "answer hide" to try for themselves. For example, our project We do it in the first place, for your convenience! If something on the website were not the case, we first face it. We ourselves will be uncomfortable and we will fix it.

You can use rule "reply of his skin" to select the products, companies, partners. If people don't get the consequences of their actions, you don't have business with him! This is a simple test. For example, financial advisors may receive a percentage of the client's profits from good advice, but it bears losses from incorrect. He risks nothing! Consequently, financial advisers for the scheme do not need to deal with.

using rule "risk his neck" it would be possible to debug most of the state. Let the officials the children are taught in our universities, treated in our hospitals (better be healthy), have a rest at our resorts, moving by public transport...

feedback. It's so easy!

the Book is Nassim Taleb "Risking their own skin" to help you.

And you get feedback from your work?

Vladimir Nikonov
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