the article "vulnerability in the psyche. 3 ways" I said that if you experience emotions when watching movies, you manipulate its creators. And we need to work on themselves to close these vulnerabilities in the psyche.

as a result got comments on this article:

After all this, you will find that people bezimienny and bored with him. How can you live then without emotion?This is the Wrong way to stop feeling emotions... You're like a computer — just know everything, understand and analyze.. is this life??)).. the
pleasure zeroed out and forgot most of the knowledge and understandings possessed.. !!!IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!!Don't want to be a soulless machine)

Amazing! Machines don't want to be machines. A people driven, pushing buttons and calling and they have tears in the movie, claim that they are not robots!

a Robot is a machine that is controlled from the outside!!! The man is a creature that has the ability to control himself. To work on myself. If thee is run by the creators of the film, then who are you? The man or the robot?

Take criticism about emotions only from people who are in the same state of consciousness that you understand what I write. The man who never had the experience of separating themselves from emotion, which does not understand that it may not criticize!!! He was not in this state and not know what it is. He could only presume, using terms available to him condition! And from this formation he says, "you will become a robot." How would he know?

you Need to go to that state and from there, becoming a different person, reason.

Returning to the movies and emotions. The movie reminds me of a children's party. Babayka, bunnies, dancing... Yes, children have emotions from the sight, and I would be happy! But I have adult and I have other things to do in the life. Me at night in dreams are holographic movies show that the best films of the year at the cinema — it's like film strips view.

again, people can't talk about the States in which it never was.

My job is to share the picture of the world, to put it on. To show a different view of the world.

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