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Illusion is the psychological defenses that protect the psyche of children and adults. Very often illusion manifest, when one is faced with a crisis situation in life. Crisis situations cause upheaval, change of life and can destroy the usual picture of the world.

Allocate3basic of illusion:

•the Illusion of its own immortality;

•the Illusion of justice;

•the Illusion of simplicity, the device of the world.

the Illusion of their own immortality

“everybody dies but me”: the illusion inherent in more children, but unconsciously it is in adults. Many people believe that accidents and disasters, disease and unhappiness is something that happens to other people. The very same person internally feels special, is immortal.

man meets reality when faced with the first traumatic situation. Usually, it radically changes his worldview.

the Man realizes that he is no ordinary mortal, so also the world is not controllable and do not believe people are somehow special or chosen.

the Illusion of justice

This illusion is well illustrated by the following beliefs: “good people bad things not happen”, “bad people always get what they deserve”, “you have to be good and right person and everything will be fine», «the world is fair” and so on. A person can decide if he will “good”, “correct”, with him nothing bad will happen. A traumatic situation can cause a man a serious shock. The illusion is destroyed, and with it being depreciated: why then I did all of this(a)? For what? Tried/tried, tried/sought, and so on.

as a result of such shocks there is a change in Outlook, new beliefs, and they are not always constructive. For example, a man may hate all women just because of his efforts for the sake of one were useless or impaired. If in the world there is no justice if the world is not for me, you can be the hatred of this world itself or the fact that it caused the shock.

the Illusion of simplicity, the device of the world

This illusion is expressed in the following beliefs: there is black and white, good and evil, enemies and friends. The world looks two-tone, where there is an extreme point and there are no shades. “Either that or nothing”. This illusion helps a person to gain a sense of stability and security. When everything is simple and clear. But the more experienced and Mature people come to a different conclusion: life is not so simple, and the longer I live, the less I understand. There is no black and white there are many shades. People can't be good or bad, they are different, in different situations. Crisis destroy this illusion that causes a person fear, helplessness and insecurity.

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