"If you want to have
I never had
you have to learn how to do that
what is never done"
Coco Chanel.

She came home from work with one thought: "will Disperse". Daughter is peacefully sleeping in the crib. Mother going home, breathing a sigh of relief, seeing his daughter in the hallway. Lera dry threw duty to the mother: "you Leaving?" The kind, vague, apologetic voice replied, "Yes." Mother went quietly, like a Ghost, quietly closing the door behind him. In the apartment hung unbearable silence. Lera, not including light, came into the kitchen, sank down on the chair: "in a sepulchral vault, thought the young woman-also empty and cold. A sharp ring of the phone told Valerie about reality. To answer his fan did not want to. Husband was on duty. Leroy left the underwear on the chair and went to the bathroom. Water delicate structure caressed the young body. It was nice to feel the warm moisture of the water and the fresh scent of the gel. Suddenly she saw his reflection in the mirror: "Horror ,- flashed through my head - I'm terrible." Mirror window looked filled with pain, deeply sunken eyes of a suffering woman.
- Yes, the morning sickness makes itself felt, is the husband does not suspect anything... - said someone. the
Lera stopped water exercise, threw a Bathrobe on his shoulders and went into the room little girl. The still peacefully sleeping in his crib, his chubby little hands in different directions.
"Interesting, thought Leroy, and daughter of Sergey will be able to call my dad... she has a father, will he(Sergey) it... it already has a parent."
the Brain is inflamed from everyday suffering. The head resembled a mangled wasp hive. It so stirred up that she barely held back the reflex spasms of the vomiting reflex.
Rang out the phone. Lera sluggishly picked up the phone. Stupid debilitating pain was drilling the brain.
-ale, Ale, you say?
In the tube began again.
-Oh, my God, it's vstavali.-, hopelessly she said.
the Night passed quickly. Valeria, completely, felt broken. The abdomen was podnyala. The language used terrible bitterness.
- you Have to go to work,- she thought,- and the employee today I'm out.
Valerie rose heavily from the chair in which I fell asleep and wandered into the bathroom. Quickly Apollonovich, sat down to drink hot chocolate. Anxiously he heard the phone.
-Listen to johnny she said.
-Come to urban intensive care, your mother is in a coma.
Everything swam before my eyes, she slowly slid to the floor...
Recovering, Valeria quickly dialed a cab. Twenty minutes later, they were driving with her daughter in a city hospital. the
Mother was lying on the bed motionlessly not like himself. Puffy pale face slightly resembled her own person. The doctors did not give forecasts. Teen daughter out of the house. I wanted to scream and call for help... only one, her husband Alexei or friend Sergey.
-the Daughter loves the father,- she said out loud.
-What, mom? - said the little girl.
No, nothing baby, go to work to mom.

In the office, everything was as usual, not who or who cares. After helping his daughter to her Desk, she went to the office of the chief.

Sergei without looking up asked:

No. said Valerie down on a chair, he added, - I have problems.

who doesn't... - not being distracted from their securities colorless voice said the chief.
-I'm pregnant...
-From whom?- threw Sergey caustically.
-You know that my husband and I do not live five months. My mother in intensive care . with tears in his eyes, barely audible said Valeria.

-Can be free. Yes, go into accounting... money for an abortion, I already have children.

Valeria stood blankly at the edge of mother's grave. Clods stupidly knocked on the coffin. All that floated and dissolved in the sweet haze.

-White ceiling, white pastels, lots of light, there's no pain. I died?- thought Leroy. - it's good that I died. And my daughter, where is she?
sharp, sharp pain pierced his stomach, forcing him to moan young woman. A man in a white robe, sitting down closer to the bed he looked gently into the eyes of a sick wife, said:
-All is well Leroy. Our daughter is fine. I signed a leave of absence.

the Young woman told the psychologist about his hard life. Alone tears flowed down her cheeks without marring the beautiful face of Valeria. She didn't know how to live on. Mother is no more. Man she loved, betrayed her husband with nothing in common except a daughter. "Ruins of the ashes," he said, she repeated. Leroy did not believe that they can survive in such a situation. br>When the brain is inflamed negative thoughts, sense there is nothing to do.
did Everything right Valeria, which turned for help to a specialist. Together with the psychologist was arranged priorities in life. The past was forgiven and released. Powerful force present, Leroux returned to real life. It works successfully in another office. She lives with her husband Alex and daughter Barbara. Sometimes we talk on the phone together to drink hot chocolate. br>Everything that happens in our lives -for the better. Sometimes it seems a dead end, did not happen, did not happen, did not materialize. Is not a dead end, and a sharp turn, not the end of life, but the beginning of a new one. And the most serious disappointments turn into new and happy event!

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