Run, fight, hide!


And how You behave in a stressful situation?

the Answer to this question will help You to understand what behavioural type You belong to, what is to expect from You to others, and what diseases should be afraid.

If You are in a stressful situation for themselves seek to transform our environment (ie fight or run) – so You are ambitious, socially active and aggressive (in the broad sense of the word).

If You are in such a case will hide (I will try to adapt to the environment) – then You can be described as human-aggressive, not prone to active public life and has a realistic Outlook on life.

what are the reasons for this difference in behavior? In education, in living conditions, or our psychological type is passed to us from our ancestors? br>
primarily, the differences lie in the work of our endocrine sphere. The people of the first type, the main stress hormone is adrenaline, and the second-type – cortisol. The differences produced by the hormones in a stressful situation and due to our different behavior in a similar environment.

People of the first type should be afraid of coronary heart disease, as they have several times higher risk of this disease.
If a person during a stressful situation run eyes often blink, fingers tapping, legs are in motion, it is accompanied by lip-licking and nodding, and there are "dominant" gestures, it's more likely people with the first stress reaction.

People of the second category should be attentive to their immune system, since it is here that they may be in danger of. It is also possible to dysregulation of carbohydrate and protein metabolism, with the consequence that there may be problems with the weight.

According to statistics for the behavioral responses experts attribute up to 30% of the population. People who are members of the second behavioral reactions, there are also 10 – 30%.

And what are the remaining 40%?

the fact that the division on these types of analytical system. Most people refers to the intermediate type.

Oksana Yurievna
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