And psychologists is a reflection...

the origin of this expression, I don't know. Most likely again intervened Pushkin. I remember there was such a fairy tale "About the priest and his worker Balde". Can't remember if pop kicked the employee, which in fact is not so much a noodle was.

the Expression that I got from my father that no one knows where it was picked up.

we are, she's in some kind of a contagious thing.

Here will stick like a Burr to you the word parasite or turn some and then walk with him through life, like a banner or flag, until, suddenly, do not let go.

and the turnover is imperceptibly woven into my speech.

it was in August. At the end of the holiday. Was just a day and a half. And as usual, in the last days or minutes finds you the thrill on the subject of unfulfilled Affairs or worse unfulfilled desires.

After the buzz stretched in the morning, all of a sudden wanted to do everything to which the hand never came.

And then it began!

the Collection of plums, sitting in a chair with a view of the lake.

A further, more! Suddenly he remembered what was planned (and already in the first year) this is the view of the lake to capture in watercolors and even had prepared an impressive list, and spent the entire vacation.

Then in the soul of the pandemonium on the topic "important but not made cases": after all, even potatoes need weeding and mushrooms to boil and..... and all the endless "and"...

But the body, after gathering plums, continued to sit in the chair and contemplate, the brain stubbornly insisted that the soul was hovering.

And suddenly, the last obeyed, when the brain has emerged the phrase "Kick noodle".

...Although not immediately. For some fractions of a second body emerged resistance. Brain, burdened with the knowledge of the unconscious reactions immediately hinted where it comes from.

"Well, of course! Thank the ancestors!" - spoke in me a long forgotten teen. As teenagers, they are due to psycho-physiological characteristics large good at kicking the bulldozer!

Hmm. said body and the placed in a chair.

At this point it became clear that I'm not going anywhere. Sliding closer amber plum and the capacity for seed and staging, so to speak, all the conditions for kicking shit, and my body and brain and soul are fully immersed in the process.

Periodically in my head I had a parent voice (obviously the inner parent resented), but the rustling of the leaves on the trees birdsong and sonorous sound of plum stones on the bottom of the pan very quickly drowned out the annoying voice.

the head reappeared saving a phrase from an infomercial: "And let the whole world wait!".

Internal censors stopped, the world waited, and bone loudly fell to the bottom of the pan.

the World continued to be: the sun was darkened, the sky never fell over, and the weather even improved!

When the body has consumed a decent portion of the drain, it quietly got up, taking a relaxed mind and happy soul and matter.

Went to write this article. And I must say did it with great pleasure. Rather were happy with everything – the body and soul and mind.

once one of my professors and thesis supervisor part-time gave me the phrase: "Laziness is a reflective pause."

So, what would it say Parents, to kick the noodle is very helpful!

Although some Children can use this phrase to their advantage, but then Adult, so that the Child was not asleep! (compare with pike and carp completely by accident!))).

In General, I don't Papini noodle, would not have happened reflection of the soul, an awareness of brain (mind) and not had the desire to write this story, don't want to share it with colleagues, clients and readers just.

Now she belongs to you, and with it the knowledge of how important it is to listen to your desires, starting with the body.

If we listen to ourselves and realize that the seemingly "strange" requirement, we have the chance to understand what we really want, and then the priorities are placed very quickly and it is, as they say, goes!

by the Way, all the planned cases are easily and naturally became, though the smaller scale watercolours out, but more importantly, the result of the author happy!

do Not be afraid of their desires!

P. S. the Parent Adult and Child (they are Children) in this article refers in the context of roles at E. Berne.

Serdyuk Alevtina
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