Rustic sketches. Who is in the court the owner?


the Village courtyard.

Life in the yard begins early. It notifies the beginning of the loud crowing. It happens around five in the morning. But the real activity is observed much later.

And yet... Someone cackles and falls silent, someone stretched and yawned in a hovel, and who, continuing the soft purr that rolled over on the other side.

Day life boils.

Who's in charge here? Who what is the role?

Look at the inhabitants of the yard.

Two kennel belongs to the dog. It is a large two different breeds of dogs.

It is big, like a bear with a silky coat the color of amber, which shimmers in the sun with all sorts of warm shades of the spectrum: from yellow-orange to ochre-red. Huge paws, confirm the seriousness of the breed. But the big addition, however, issues a good-natured disposition. Although seeing such a beast with a fat bone bone understand that it is better with this red edifice one can not meet.

the Second doghouse nearby, and a smaller one. Here she lives. She painted more modest. Uneven gray with characteristic pattern on the face color is not leaves no doubt that we have before us the European view.

This is the shepherd. Definitely not a shepherd! Sustainable downed paws still sleeker and cereals flexible, can not be said about the rear part of the massive chunky neighbor's kennel.

She, as befits a young dog that's not a puppy, but not adult individual, very playful.

the Puppy, he has no clue about its dimensions, nor on the severity of your body. And she, plays, greeting guests, light jumping and standing on hind legs, licks the face of the shocked guest, his front on his chest or shoulders, if he is slightly below average growth.

Not everyone can withstand such fun!

the first impression a guest, trapped in the yard, those big dogs are the owners of the territory.

it is Especially beautiful, with copper-gold hair, big and imposing, like the distance on the king of the jungle or burned out the master of the forest.

But if we look at other inhabitants of the yard, then find out that dogs, like large children, and if they are able to make an impression, rather its paws, large body and teeth. But all these attributes given to them by nature the rights of persons belonging to Carnivora, fade into the background, when the game enters the tail, the outstanding sweetness of its owner.

in addition to already known to the readers of the representatives of the yard, there are cats, sheep, chickens, geese and turkeys.

live in the paddock behind the yard.

an Impressive male with a tail, who would envy and peacock and nose with a long Turkey shoot, when approaching the paddock out dancing tap dancing. Rearranging calloused paws that he knocks them into a well-oiled rhythm, demonstrating at the same time and location and force.

the Female, which is much more modest, grazing somewhere nearby.

Rising from turkeys walk along the paddock with the sheep.

Seems to be no notable animals closely and understand that there are representatives with different characters. Moreover, interesting is the young, newly born lamb.

the Sheep that are older mostly brown and the same bleating without reason beings, but the kids hold his glance whether because of motley, or really find a character, like all not lost still in the herd.

the Kids are older – a pair of black and confident with a slim, but sturdy legs. Two more, almost the same brown sheep, but the little sheep, like a cloud.

the two of Them, one already quite agile and energetic, and the other fragile and almost always lying. It is not just the tribesmen.

Look and realize: "Here it is natural selection in action!".

across the yard worn cats, disappearing in the nooks and crannies of the house, then reappearing. The mother cat alert, although kittens soon will catch up with it.

the Next two kennel and cat hatchlings and tries to crawl! There's the eye.

But the most striking and visible creatures in the yard – geese! Three. Just like in the old song about the old woman.

These are, however, three white goose two grey goose.

He is arrogant in a white coat of feathers, raising his head, he cackles, as if brings the congregation together, and the girls next to echo your General.

So walking around this Trinity cross through the yard, filling the street with a loud cry.

How many inhabitants on the small, seemingly backyard! And all so different – each with its own character, its own place.

So who's in charge here?..

Serdyuk Alevtina
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