Often children hear from their parents: "Say thank you!"

Examples of such situations: someone else corrected the child jacket in the wardrobe, cleaned the crumbs from the face, etc. Why the child is in elementary care should be thanking, and even strangers? And if these people he is also nice. Why he should thank those who do not cause trust?

what do parents do? What kind of your need they are trying to realize through your child? Apparently they seek:

-Show your personal appreciation of "helper".

to Demonstrate parenting skills through the "exemplary" behavior of their child.

Many psychologists also believe that the behavior of fathers and mothers due to their psychological immaturity and low self-esteem. Family myth "Our family is grateful" also affects the formation of this behavior.

In such situations, the child has no time to realize who this "associate", why is he here, why is this man helping him? And then there's thank need. But not had time to thank, respectively, falls into guilt or shame, because he has not met the expectation of the parent. "Controlling parent is always near."

as a result, because of such parental behavior will form a person who is grateful for assistance extended to him by default. No matter whether it is a sincere feeling of gratitude to the assistant or not.

Parents should understand that teaching children the fleeting words of gratitude, they thereby deprive children of the ability to learn emotionally, to respond in interactions with others, to be sincere.

Remember what you felt when you received such a fleeting insincere thanks? What emotion is evoked? Customers have experienced usually hurt, sadness and aggression.

...I agree that is a mess,
That life is not much,
But still, you think, suspension,
Cherish what is now and here!

And before you go to sleep
In my cozy bed,
do You remember my friend, one thing-
Say thank you before going to sleep.

(Zilya Aipov)

Tatiana Zakharieva
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