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have You ever noticed a pattern: business leaders, managers, famous actors and public figures, people in General, success in most of them speak slowly and calmly, a low velvety voice? Their speech is slow, weighty words. One could wonder: they say that because you have achieved success or have reached success, because you say so?

Voice is "sounding" mirror of the soul. Sounding voices you can tell a lot about a person: his humor, physical and psychological state, the attitude of the people about the confidence. When a speaker is nervous, his body tense. Voice sounding choked and colorless. A sick person is talking to a weak and lifeless voice. Voice joyful person sometimes literally "rings with happiness."

in addition, the voice – the Foundation of charisma. One day, when I was in high school, my classmate enthusiastically told about the hero of the series, which was at that time on TV. I still remember her words: "He is awesome! He has such a beautiful unique voice!!!". Later I found out that she was talking about Sasha White, the hero of the series "Brigada" in the performance of Sergei Bezrukov. It was after this film, the country started to go crazy for the actor. I think last but not least the reason for this national love was precisely his special voice.

What attracts us in these people? And how can we learn to speak so that the sound of our voice has enchanted audiences?

the timbre of the voice is always individual. Impossible to find two identical voices, just as impossible to find two absolutely similar people. So learn to speak or sing exactly the same as it does favorite artist, is unlikely to succeed. However, you can always develop the best qualities of your voice, the power, the richness, the creaminess – if you are going to do special exercises for speech technology.

a closer look at how speech sounds, self-confident, and what quality of voice should be developed, to be able to influence listeners.

Signs of confidence in the speech:

  1. Low tone - confident people usually speak in a low voice. Why? Vocal cords are very sensitive organ. They are the first responders in our mental and bodily state. Fear, excitement and uncertainty cause stress in the body, which inevitably affects the vocal cords. From an insecure person voice is stifled, clamped and usually overpriced. A confident man relaxed: he knows he can handle any situation.
    furthermore, confident people are unlikely to shout or raise voice to buddies – he knows that he will be able to resolve any conflict without it. And if sometimes he has to shout that he does it from the heart, not hesitate, using all the power of your voice. Relaxed body and set all the rules of voice allow you to "last" so that no one had any idea to the words that person can not listen. br>
    the First rule of confident speech: relax.
  2. Sound quality, providing a good audibility of the voice. It is formed primarily due to the strength and energy a person invests in a sound. The lower energy a person speaks, the worse the voice. Developing energy? Sufficient physical activity. It is noticed that the people engaged in physical labor, usually sonorous and strong voice, in contrast with intellectuals who spend all their life behind a Desk and computer. Therefore, morning exercise is essential not only for health but also for good voice. Keep this in mind! br>
    Second rule of confident speech: move more.
  3. the Measured pace of speech: often, people are unsure move on hopping it, because subconsciously I'm afraid that they will not say or will not listen to as much time as they needed for the full expression of thought. Because of this, they begin to hurry, to say extra words to do unnecessary movements. Confidence is not vanity. He knows exactly what he wants to say, and knows that nothing and nobody will prevent him to do it. Calm down and take control of the speed of speech to help correct breathing: the need to breathe before each phrase brings awareness and control of speech rate. br>
    Third rule confident speech: practice breathing exercises.

healthy body, healthy spirit, and yet beautiful voice. Moreover, that healthy and physically active person feels more confident, rather than weak and sickly. The energetic and active you are, the more interesting and richer your voice sounds.

but in General, the best, in my opinion, the recommendation for the development of confidence is: educate yourself, become a true professional, and then you can say whatever you like, and everyone will listen to you with great attention.

to relax, learn to relax, learn breathing exercises and other secrets of beautiful voices, come to our classes!

glad to see you!

Ekaterina Pestereva
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